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How Can a Prophet
Be the
ONLY True God?

July 11, 2010

Re: How Can a Prophet Be the Only True God?

Dear Ishmael:

You asked "How can a Prophet also be God?" Ishmael: The Bible’s definition of a Prophet is someone who foretells future events and these events come true to the letter. God’s Signature to who He truly is is that He foretells future events and they come to pass to the letter. In this respect God Himself is a Prophet also but He is the main Prophet because all true prophesies come from Him and are brought about by Him.

Isaiah 44:6-7 "Thus says Yehovah, the King-of-Israel-and-his-Redeemer, Yehovah-of-hosts: ‘I am the first and I am the last, and there are no Els [Gods] besides Me. And who is like Me? Let him proclaim and declare it; yes, let him recount it to Me in order, from the time that I established the ancient nation, and let them declare to them the things that are coming and the events that are going to take place."

Isaiah 48:3-5 "I declared the former things long ago and they went forth from My mouth, and I proclaimed them. Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass. Because I know that you are obstinate, and your neck is an iron sinew, and your forehead bronze, therefore I declared them to you long ago, before they took place I proclaimed them to you, lest you should say, ‘My idol has done them, and my graven image and my molten image have commanded them.’"

God states that He fortells future events so we will know who He truly is and so we will not say a god or demon or idol has done this. Foretelling future events and their coming to pass to the letter is God’s Signature to who He truly is, who His true Prophets are and what is His only true book. There are 1,817 individual predictions in the Bible concerning 737 separate subjects found in 8,352 verses. These predictions take up 26%, 1/5, of the 31,124 verses that are in the Bible. Four fifths of the prophecies have already been fulfilled. Over 300 of these in Jesus Christ alone. For example, a most amazing prophecy in the Old Testament that came to pass on My 14 1948 was Israel's becoming a nation again. Israel becoming a nation again on May 14, 1948, after being destroyed as a nation by God and dispersed throughout the earth, was predicted to the very year 1948 2,500 years ago. It did not just predict that Israel would become a nation again, it predicted it to the very year 1948. I document these prophecies in this link on my website. God states in the book of Deuteronomy Chapter 18 that the way to know who He truly is and who His true Prophets are is that He foretells future events through them and these events come to pass to the letter without error. God speaking through the Prophet Amos states in Amos 3:7 "For Adonai Yehovah will do nothing unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets."

While Jesus being called a Prophet does not prove that He is God, neither does it prove He is not God. If Jesus is God then He can foretell future events and they will come to pass to the letter. Jesus told His disciples in John 13:19 "From now on I am telling you before it comes to pass, so that when it does occur, you may believe that I AM." Not only was Jesus a Prophet but in this passage of the Bible He states He is able to tell future events and that they will come to pass to the letter because He is God. Note the capitalization of "I AM". It is capitalized because it is the Greek formula in the Greek Septuagint for the Hebrew name of God: Yehovah. "Yehovah" means "I AM". In Exodus 3:14-15 in the Greek Septuagint "Ego Aimee" is used for "Yehovah". "Ego" is the Word "I" in Greek and "Aimee" is the Greek verb "to be" meaning "I Am" all by itself. However, when used together in the Greek Septuagint (Old Testament translated into Greek in 250 BC by 70 Jewish Scribes) to refer to the name of God "Yehovah", "Ego Aimee" is used. The Apostle John when he wrote the Gospel of John used this same formula when referring to "Yehovah." Here in John 13:19 John uses "Ego Aimee" referring it back to Jesus. Jesus told His disciples that He would tell them what was coming right then in the days ahead so that when it did occur to the letter, which it did, they would know that He is Yehovah the only true God of the Old Testament. Therefore, in this case, calling Jesus a Prophet doesn’t take away from His being the only true God in the flesh but only complements that reality. See my recent article on our website titled "How We Know Jesus Is God". Also watch and listen to our Movie "The Christmas Story".

Luke 24:44-46 "Now He said to them, ‘These are My words which I spoke to you while I was still with you, that all things which are written about Me in the Law of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms must be fulfilled.’ Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures, and He said to them, ‘Thus it is written, that the Messiah should suffer and rise again from the dead the third day.’"

Sincerely in Jesus,

Dale P. Kruse
Pastor Evangelist

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