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Spark Chamber

Evolutionists teach that life came about through Spontaneous Generation. If this was true, we would see evidence of it in the fossil record. We find no evidence of massive accumulation of organic compounds in the fossil record of the earth.

Spontaneous Generation of Life is a chemical scientific impossibility. The American biochemist Stanley Lloyd Miller, of Oakland, California, in 1953 conducted experimental research in an attempt to demonstrate random chance spontaneous generation of life in earthís primordial history. In his experiment he subjected a gaseous mixture of hydrogen, water, methane, and ammonia to an electric discharge for a period of one week.

What was the end result? Millers experiment rather than demonstrating Spontaneous Generation of life, instead demonstrated its impossibility for many reasons. First, the gases Miller used, methane-CH4 and ammonia-NH3, did not exist at the beginning of life as evolutionist define it. Had they existed, the amonia would have been dissolved in the oceans and the methane if it had been there would be found in the sedimentary clays. It has never been found.

Another condition Miller set up in his experiment was to make sure no Oxygen was present. Why? Because he knew, as all evolutionist know, that if just 1% of oxygen had been present in the early atmosphere, that it would have acted as a poison and prevented any basic life compounds from forming in any capacity. This is basic chemistry. What do we find in the earliest fossil layers? We find as much as 10% more oxygen in the atmosphere than there is today.

Another reason we know oxygen was present in the early atmosphere was because Water and Ultraviolet Light were also present from the beginning. When ultraviolet light hits water it creates an oxidized atmosphere. Therefore oxygen was always present in the atmosphere. If the oxygen had not been present in the atmosphere, any amino acids, petides and other basic life compounds formed would have been immediately destroyed by the ultraviolet light. This is because it is our ozone layer in the atmosphere, produced through ultraviolet light hitting oxygen in the atmosphere, that prevents destructive long-wave length ultraviolet light from coming through. Natural ultraviolet light coming from the sun, without an oxidized atmosphere and no ozone layer, would destroy all and any possible kind of life on earth. It would completely sterilize the earth. This is why ultraviolet Light is used to sterilize food, water and medical instruments. This is the reason for all the worry in the media about the Ozone layer in the atmosphere which protects us from destructive ultraviolet light. Without the Ozone layer, Ultraviolet Light would also have destroyed any ammonia present in the atmosphere.

This was another deception in Millerís experiment: the type of ultraviolet light he used. Miller knowing that natural ultraviolet light would prevent and destroy any life compounds from forming, deliberately left out the destructive long-wavelength ultraviolet light and used only non destructive shortwavelength ultraviolet light in his experiment.

Scientists now also know that Volcanoes have always poured out carbon dioxide and nitrogen which is also not conducive to the synthesis of amino acids and other building blocks of life.

Another deception in Millerís experiment was his artificially protecting the amino acids he produced by siphoning them off. Why? Because Miller knew that the next spark that came which created them in the first place would also destroy them completely. This again does not take place in nature. In other words His experiment produced no amino acids or peptides.

While through artificial siphoning Millerís experiment did produce some organic compounds, such as aliphatic acids, hydroxy acids, urea, carbohydrate like compounds, and some amino acids, Millerís Spark Chamber did not produce one of the four primary construction materials needed for life: proteins, nucleic acids, polysaccharides and lipids. As a matter of fact to date none of these have ever been produced in any laboratory under any conditions naturally or artificially. Scientist also have not been able to produce the 50 or so small organic compounds from which these four primary construction materials are made.

Another deception in Millerís experiment is that while it did produce some Amino Acids, the Amino Acids it did form were beta, gamma and delta which means that there were both long and short and right and left handed formed. life processes require exclusively only short & left-handed amino acids. The presence of just one long or right-handed amino acid inserted into a chain of short left-handed amino acids would prevent the coiling and folding necessary for proper protein function. This combination is completely destructive to the formation of any life process.

What did Millerís experiment produce and demonstrate? First, Millerís experiment rather than producing life, instead only produced poisons that would prevent and destroy any possible chemical evolution of life.

Second, Millerís experiment did not demonstrate Spontaneous Generation of Life. Instead it demonstrated the impossibility of Spontaneous Generation of life given the universe we live in, with or without controlled factors.

Third, Millerís experiment demonstrated very clearly that molecules could never put themselves together into living cells without the careful selective engineering of a very intelligent Creator.

Finally, Millerís experiment and reported results demonstrate that Miller, like most evolutionary scientists, rather than searching for what is true in nature and reporting that truth, instead fabricate lies to deliberately defraud the public into believing that life came about through spontaneous generation. Everything in nature, and especially in early history, does not only not support this hypothesis, but demonstrates clearly that not only could life not have come about this way in nature, but not even when man provides all the needed controlled factors. Spontaneous generation of life is a chemical scientific impossibility.

A dead body has all the necessary molecules needed for the building of life, however, outside of Jesus raising men from dead and his own body to demonstrate that He is the intelligent factor behind the miracle of the cell and the human body, no one has ever witnessed a dead corpse come to life spontaneously and get up and walk away. What happens when someone dies? The living tissue losses its highly complex biological order and is no longer able to assimilate food the body ingests to keep this highly complex order going. The body disintegrates and confirms the second law of thermodynamics.

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