Title:  Teachings of Pastor-Evangelist Dale P. Kruse

Price:  $7.50

The Purpose of This CD:  An additional aid to the Basic Evangelism Training Program providing sound recorded teachings in Salvation, Discipleship, Evangelism, Apologetics, and Spiritual Warfare in mp3 CD format.

 Music mp3  Format Titles

CD1     How I Came to Saving Faith in Jesus
             How Jesus Led Me into Aggressive Evangelism

CD2     How Jesus Led Me to Develop This
                   Evangelism Training Program

CD3     Holy Spirit Led Evangelism
             3 Ingredients of Christian Conversion
             Why All Christians Need Training
                   in Evangelism
             Necessary Ingredients for a Successful
                   Evangelism Training Program

CD4     How to Use the Salvation Tract
             How to Use the Forgiveness Tract
             How to Use the Evangelism Tract

CD5     Unalterable Biblical Foundations
                  For Successful Evangelism

CD6     The Value of Using What Is Eternal Life?
             The Process of Salvation

CD7     Evangelism or Predestination?

CD8     The Creation, Constitution and Fall of Man

CD9     Jesus' Full Salvation for Man
             Jesus:  God's Only Means to Salvation
             Jesus Is Our Only & Final High Priest

CD10  Knowing Jesus Is Eternal Life
             Made Perfect in Jesus

CD11  Jesus' Salvation Is Received
                  Through Faith Alone

CD12  The Nature of God
             Jesus Is Fully God

CD13  Jesus Is Fully God (continued)
             Jesus is Fully Man

CD14  How We Know the Bible Is True

CD15  Jesus Is the Answer to Your Needs
             How We Relate to Jesus for the
                   Answer to our Needs

CD16  Feeding on Jesus Through the Word
             Feeding on Jesus Through Fellowship

CD17  Don't Let the Sins of Yesterday Keep You
                 From Serving Jesus Today

CD18  How to Bring a Person to Saving
                   Faith in Jesus Christ
             Why Genesis & Evolution Are
                   Not Compatible

CD19  How to Bring a Person to Saving
                   Faith in Jesus Christ
             The Process of Salvation

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