The Nature of Spiritual Warfare

Letter of Testimony

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The Purpose of This Book:  By applying the principles taught in this Book on Spiritual Warfare a Christian will be able to succeed in going through the complete Basic and Advanced Evangelism Training Programs and in Evangelism itself.  Since the principles that are taught in this Book are universal, he or she will also be able to succeed in the purpose and plan Jesus has for their life.

The Book covers the nature of spiritual warfare, the nature of the flesh and how to control it through spiritual warfare, God's weapons for us in spiritual warfare and how to use them, how to have success in spiritual warfare, how to test the spirits to see if they are from God, how to bring our human spirit into right relationship with Jesus, and how to deliver someone from demon possession.

Table of Contents

 1. INTRODUCTION to Spiritual Warfare
 2. The NATURE of Spiritual Warfare
3. Victory Through TIME MANAGEMENT
 4. The NATURE of the FLESH
5. Godís WEAPONS for Us for Successful
   Spiritual Warfare
 6. When God's Weapons Do Not Work
7. What Is Required for Success in
   Spiritual Warfare
 8. Earthly, From the Soul, Demonic
9. Why OBEDIENCE to Jesus Is Not An Option
10. How to TEST THE SPIRITS to See if From God
11. Bringing Our Human Spirit into Right
      Relationship with Jesus
12. Can a Christian Be Possessed?
13. How to Deliver From Demon Possession

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