Title:  Evangelism:  The Time Is Now New Testament
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New 2nd Edition

Copyright 2011

By Dale P. Kruse

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How to Have a Quiet Time With Jesus

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Evangelism:  The Time Is Now New Testament is created from 43 years of study, research and weekly on the field Evangelism experience by its author.  This is a 500 page New Testament textbook designed to be used on the field in Evangelism to give honest answers to honest questions about the validity of The Christian Faith.  Its specialty as a Bible is that it translates the names of God and the constitution of man correctly so that the true meaning of the text is clear.  This is vital in being able to lead people, especially Christian cult members, into a True knowledge of Jesus Christ's True Nature (Being Fully God & Fully Man but One Person), how that relates to His saving us as a Man and then into true saving faith in Jesus Christ.  All of this is explained in the Introduction titled "Why Another Translation?".  This New Testament also has INTELLIGENT Cross Referencing in the areas of Evangelism, Salvation, Discipleship, Apologetics, Spiritual Warfare and other areas of importance in successfully bringing men and women to saving faith in Jesus Christ.  Also included are Commentary notes on Creation, Manners & Customs, Archaeology & Historical Discoveries, Hebrew Codes, Prophecy and Scientific Facts which backup and support the Literal Historical Reliability of the Old and New Testament as it stands.  This New Testament also includes Evangelism Training Material in how to successfully Lead a Person into saving faith in Jesus Christ.  See the Copy of the Contents below.

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