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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"

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Creation theories

Day Age Creation
Gap Theory 1
Gap Theory 2
God and the Atheist
Progressive Evolution
Young Earth Creation
Age of the Earth

Evolutionary Theories

Punctuated Equilibrium
Haeckel's Theory

Progressive Creationism

What Is Progressive Creationism?
The Big Bang
Double Revelation
Twisted Scripture
Six Days or a Million Years
No Death Before Adam
Proto Humans
Local Flood

DNA & Genetics

Genetic Evolution
Microscopic Universe

Big Bang

Big Bang 1
Big Bang 2

Creation & Christianity

Why Did God Create
Pilgrims & the Creator
Faith of Founding Fathers
Urban Legends
Creation & Resurrection
Creation & The End Times

Creation - The Foundation of Christianity
Creation Apologetics
Creation Evangelism
Creation In Missions
Creation Scientists
Absolute Truth

Fall of Man
God the Artist


Dinosaur Graveyards
Fossils - No Transitional Forms
Was Your Uncle a Monkey?

The Fruits of Evolution

Evolution & Cults
Evolution Fruits of
Evolution X 2
Impact of Evolution on Society
Vain Imaginations

The Book of Genesis

Genesis Kinds
Genesis Prophecies of Christ
Genesis Why Take Literally 1
Genesis Why Take Literally 2
The Seventh Day


Earth Science & Geology

Global Warming
Ice Age
Radioactive Dating
Water Cycle
Design of Flight

Mathematics & Creation

Biancci Numbers
Fibonacci Numbers

Man & the Human Body

Human Immune System
Human Nose & the Creator
Design of the Human Ear
Circulatory System
Information & DNA
Skeletal System
Design of the Mouth
Origin of Language


Invisible Attributes of God
Jesus the Creator
Prophecies of the Messiah

The Flood

Sediments & the Flood
Flood Bible
Flood Science
Noah's Flood
Noah's Ark
In Search of Noah's Ark


Lilies of the Field
Order & Design
Petrified Forest

Scope Trials

Scopes Trials


Sun, Moon, & Stars
Sun, Moon, Stars, Tides, Ice Comets
Cosmological Constant
Life in Outer Space


Atheist Turned Creationist

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