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Concerning Donations

1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"

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Tracts Illustrated


Salvation Tract & Contents Illustrated

  I spent many hours in prayer asking Jesus that if He were to be in America today and He had ten minutes to explain to a person what it meant to be a Christian and how to become one, what would He say? Aside from the content of the Salvation Tract, the answer I received was to emphasize the significance of His Physical Resurrection. This resulted in the Salvation Tract titled What Is Eternal Life? The response that I have received through this tract has been very encouraging. My many books on apologetics were written to give honest answers to honest questions I encounter on the field about the integrity of the Christian faith based on the Judeo-Christian Bible; but when it came to making a decision for Christ, re-emphasizing the significance of Jesus' Physical Resurrection has had a greater impact on the person finally making that decision to pray and surrender his or her life to Jesus as Savior and Lord. My book titled The Value of Using What Is Eternal Life? explains page by page extensively the value of using this Salvation Tract in Evangelism.

Book:  The Value of Using What Is Eternal Life

If a person is not ready to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord at that point, the Layman Evangelist can then also offer the person the Book titled Understanding Your Salvation in Jesus for further study on the subject. He may also offer any of the Apologetic books described on the Apologetic page for further study on the integrity of the Gospel message.


Forgiveness Tract & Content Illustrated

When I do Evangelism during the week, I never assume anyone is a Christian whether they say they attend Church or not, so I always start off with the Salvation tract. When I do, many times Christians tell me they accepted Christ months or years before but that He is no longer Lord of their lives. Often times this is not because they do not want to walk with Jesus, but because of some problem in their lives they were unable to overcome. As a result they became frustrated and under condemnation and eventually gave up trying to live the Christian life and for Jesus. Their problem is that they are trying to live the Christian life in their own strength instead of drawing upon Jesus' strength. They know that Jesus is the answer to their needs but do not know how to apply this truth to their lives on a practical basis day by day. This is what my Forgiveness Tract titled, Jesus Is The Answer To Your Needs (same title as discipleship book), is all about: first, to bring the Christian back to the place of surrendering their lives to Jesus as Savior and Lord and to then show them how to practically draw upon Jesus' strength and power to live the Christian life and apply this to their daily problems and needs. Also available is a companion Book titled, How To Share The Forgiveness Tract:, which explains how to effectively minister the content of this Forgiveness Tract with a Christian. After the individual recommits His life to Jesus, the Layman Evangelist can then leave the person with a copy of the Discipleship book titled Experiencing Jesus' Forgiveness Daily. This Book covers this issue much more extensively and includes important issues that time on the field does not allow for.

Book:  How to Share Forgiveness Tract


Evangelism Tract  & Contents Illustrated

After many years of preaching the Gospel and seeing how effective using a Salvation Tract is in presenting the Gospel, I came to realize that an Evangelism Tract would be just as effective in motivating Christians to make a commitment of their free time to share Gospel with others. After spending much time in prayer seeking the Lord on this matter, the Evangelism Tract titled The Most Loving Thing You Can Do was the end result. The results of using this Evangelism Tract on the field have been very encouraging. When the Layman Evangelist meets someone who is a Christian on the field and he becomes convinced they are a born again Christian, he will then ask them if he can instead get their reaction to their presentation of the Evangelism Tract. The Evangelism Tract explains the importance of their involvement in one-on-one Evangelism and their need to make a commitment of their free time to go out and share the Love of Jesus Christ with others. Like the Salvation Tract, the Evangelism Tract concludes with challenging them to pray right then and there and commit there free time to Jesus to share the Gospel with others and training to that end. A suggested prayer of commitment is included at the end. I have found this approach in bringing Christians to commitment of their free time to share the Gospel with others as effective as using a Salvation tract to bring men and women to Saving faith in Jesus. Once the Christian has prayed this prayer of commitment to use their free time in Evangelism, the Layman Evangelist can then also give them for further study on the issue the Discipleship Book titled Evangelism: The Time Is Now! (Same Title as Basic Textbook on Evangelism) and or the motivational Book titled Why All Christians Need Training in Evangelism .

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