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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"

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Understanding Your Salvation In Jesus. After reading this book the New Christian will be able to discern the true Gospel from a false one. Chapter 1 titled, The Creation, Constitution and Fall of Man, talks about what the Bible teaches concerning man being created a spirit, soul and body as compared to the secular worlds teaching on man being only a body and soul and for some only a body.

Chapter 4 titled, Jesus is Fully God & Fully Man, talks about Jesus' full humanity and full Divinity. Our full salvation is all rapped up in Jesus' full humanity and full Divinity. The difference between a true Christian faith and a false one is centered in one's understanding and acceptance of this truth. What constitutes a Christian cult is when one deviates from either Jesus' Divinity or Jesus' humanity. Jehovah Witnesses for example teach that Jesus was only an angel. They deny both his humanity and divinity. Some Christian cults deny his Divinity. They teach that Jesus was an exceptional human being to be modeled after, but not God in the flesh.

Chapter 5 titled, Jesus: God's Only Means to Salvation, talks about the Jesus' claims to be the only way to God and His proof to His claims through His Physical Resurrection from the dead. The importance of this is that it is popular today to mix Christianity with other faiths and thus watering down not only the significance of who Jesus is, but the importance of His message that He is the only way to God and why that is absolutely true. The New Age movement and other religions teach that Jesus is a way to God, one of many of God's son's, not his only Son.

Chapter 6 titled, Jesus is our final and Only High Priest, is a commentary on the Book of Hebrews in the New Testament and focuses on the teaching of God' Word doing away with the Levitical Priesthood permanently because Jesus is our final and only High Priest who now alone forever intercedes for us before the Father because of His indestructible life. The significance of this is it shows what is wrong with other faiths like Mormonism which teaches that God has restored the Levitical Priesthood. This chapter explains why this is not possible and what is wrong with Christian cults like Mormonism and why their teachings are false.

Chapter 7 is titled, Jesus Salvation Is Received Through Faith Alone.  When ever I do Evangelism on the field, I will here statements like the following:  "You must be baptized to be saved."
"You must speak in tongues to be saved."
"Salvation is received through repenting of our sins."
"Salvation is received through receiving the Holy Spirit."
The Apostles in the Bible however teach that Jesus' salvation for our sins repented of through His death and shed blood on the cross are received through faith and through faith alone.  This Chapter shows this clearly in the Scriptures, especially through Peter's teachings in the Book of Acts.  The Second half of the Chapter talks about how to know if someone has been truly born again through saving faith in Jesus and shares seven evidences that the Bible gives.  Chapters 1 and 2 of this book explain why we cannot be saved by works.

Chapter 8 titled, Made Perfect in Jesus, focuses on a false historical teaching that it is possible for a Christian to reach perfection in this life, meaning living perfectly without sin. It talks about how the Scripture teaches us that we all sin daily whether we want to or not (1 John 1:8-10) and how to daily release our faith in God's love and forgiveness for sins confessed and repented of.  The Chapter then explains how Jesus' blood and His blood alone makes us perfect before God in His eyes despite our daily sin on this side of heaven.

Jesus Is the Answer To Your Needs
What is the answer to our needs and personal Sanctification? Is religion and will-power the answer to our needs? No. If we cannot save ourselves, what makes us think that we can Sanctify ourselves. Paul the Apostle makes plain to us in 1 Corinthians 1:30 that not only is Jesus our only means of Salvation, but He is also our only means of Sanctification. If a New Christian does not learn how to practically apply this truth to his life early in his Christian walk, Satan will deceive him and lead him into all kinds of fruitless religious activities to try and change and correct his sin-bound-soul which cannot be changed through the power of the flesh. Only Jesus is the answer to our needs in Salvation and Sanctification and this book explains to the New Christian and Old Christian how to practically apply this absolute truth to all his or her needs on a daily basis especially through daily feeding on Jesus through His Word and through Weekly Fellowship.
What the rest of this book is all about is how to approach Jesus to discover what His will and plan for Your life is and know that what you are receiving really is His voice. The Bible teaches that Satan, the devil, disguises himself as an angel of light. This means that he comes to us disguised as Jesus or Jesus' Holy Spirit to fool us and lead us astray and away from God's will and plan for our lives. For this reason, if we are to succeed not only in knowing Jesus' will and plan for our lives but also in succeeding in fulfilling it once we know it, then it is imperative that we learn how to know what is truly His voice to us and what is not. This book accomplishes this three ways: first by showing you how to relate to Jesus for the answer to your needs and grow in your relationship with him which is the discussion of Chapters 2-5; second, by teaching you principles of discernment about how to know what is truly His voice and answers to your needs and what is not which is the discussion of Chapter 6; and third, by teaching you how to succeed in His will and plan for your life once you know what that clearly is which is the discussion of Chapters 7 and 8.

Experiencing Jesus' Forgiveness Daily
In thirty years of ministry, I have found that the single greatest stumbling block to Christian maturity is not knowing how to experience Jesus' love and forgiveness on a daily moment by moment basis. If the New Christian does not learn how to cope with and relate to weakness and sin in his life in his relationship with Jesus on a daily basis, this one problem alone will keep him from being able to go on to anything else. This is because Satan will continually heap unjustified condemnation onto that person until they give up walking with Jesus in defeat. For this reason I consider this book, which teaches a Christian how to cope with and experience Jesus' forgiveness over their sins on a daily moment by moment basis, to be the single most important principle of discipleship a Christian can learn. This book will explain to the knew Christian how to experience Jesus' love and forgiveness on a daily moment by moment basis.

How to Bring a Person to Saving Faith in Jesus Christ
Since Jesus is the answer to all our needs in Salvation and Sanctification, therefore, the most loving thing we can do is to give of our lives, time and resources to the sharing of the love of Jesus Christ with others. This book explains how important Evangelism is and what is involved in the Process of Evangelism and Conversion. This books also deal with some arguments and heresies against the importance of personal one-on-one Evangelism that all Born Again Christians need to be actively involved in. After the Christian has stabilized in his walk with Jesus, the last most important concept on discipleship to then share with him is how important it is that he goes out and shares Jesus' love and forgiveness through His death and shed blood on the cross for our sins with others. These two books will lay a life time foundation of motivation in the New Christian's heart about the paramount importance of this most important work he needs to be involved in weekly and for the rest of his life on earth until Jesus takes him home; not as a means of Salvation, but as a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly ongoing work of love so that others may come to know Jesus personally and have love, joy and peace in Heaven forever also. This Book also explains the value and use of the Salvation Tract What Is Eternal Life? See also Our New Movie titled The Value of Using What Is Eternal Life? in Evangelism

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