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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"

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1. The Teaching of Biblical Doctrine

What the Basic Textbook Teaches In the Areas Of

2. In Class Training
3. On the Field Training
4. Advanced Training


I took advantage of all my learning, training and field experience, 36 years worth, and combined them into two Textbooks: this one titled Evangelism: The Time is Now! (Basic Program) and Relationship With Jesus The Key To Effective Ministry (Advanced Program). One of the unique qualities of these two textbooks is that they draw upon all Biblical streams of Christianity and interrelate the Conservative, Evangelical, Charismatic concepts of Evangelism without compromise.

I mean EVANGELICAL in the sense that Jesus' will for the Church is to seek and to save the lost, and to seek and to save the lost by drawing men to Himself. I mean CHARISMATIC in the sense that in order for our Evangelism to be effective and ministered in love that it must be Jesus centered and be motivated out of love relationship with Jesus. I mean CONSERVATIVE in that our Evangelism, Evangelistically Charismatically oriented, must be motivated within the guidelines of Scripture and be brought into submission to the Bible in its total context to be certain that our Evangelism and ministering is truly Jesus centered and truly motivated out of love relationship with Jesus.

These two Textbooks combine these three streams of Biblical Christianity and their teaching on Evangelism into one program. It is a more wholistic approach to Evangelism, but you do not have to be a college graduate to go through it and understand it's content. When I wrote them I strove to keep them simple enough for anyone to understand but complete enough that any Bible scholar could appreciate it and their comments after critiquing the material confirms it. When I finished the 1983 version of this textbook three different College Professors with doctorate degrees, all Evangelists, all published authors in Evangelism of three different Christian faiths critiqued the material. One said to me, "I have never read anything equal to this anywhere. Your depth and completeness are astounding." The program was recommended to both graduate and undergraduate ministry majors. A very nice letter was sent to me by Dr. John D. Morris of Institute for Creation Research, the son of Dr. Henry Morris making the following comments on this Evangelism material:

"Let me congratulate you on a job well done. The materials are excellent tools for teaching others about the truth of God's Word. I am especially pleased that you included creation evangelism in your work." — Dr. John D. Morris, President of ICR August 11, 1998

I have since then updated the Basic (87', 94', 97', 99', 2003) and Advanced (87', 97', 99) Textbooks and made them an even better program than they were before. What I want to talk about in this Chapter is what the necessary ingredients of a Training Program in Evangelism are and how these Basic and Advanced Training Programs of Evangelism completely fulfills all of these requirements.

What are the INGREDIENTS of an Evangelism Training Program that will adequately equip Laymen to do the work of Evangelism? They are:

  • The teaching of Biblical Doctrine in the areas of Evangelism, Salvation, Discipleship and Apologetics.
  • In Class Training.
  • On the Field Training.
  • And Advanced Training in the areas of Discernment,
    Counseling and Apologetics.

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