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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"

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About the Author

Dale P. Kruse


Pastor Dale P. Kruse, Married to Nenita L. Kruse, was Born on July 13, 1953. At fifteen years of age (1968) God called him to the ministry. During this time he began reading the Bible. As a result, one day while coming home from school, he came to saving faith in Jesus Christ and gave his heart and life to Jesus as Savior and Lord.

Between his Junior and Senior years of High School the Lord dealt with him as a believer about his need to share the Gospel with others. After much prayer about this matter the Lord led a man into his path, Frank Polechek, who shared with him about a training program in Evangelism. Not long after that he went through this training program. As a result of this training program he was able to share Jesus with every student on his High School campus by the time he graduated and saw many of them not only come to saving faith in Jesus Christ, but in time enter the ministry as well. He was voted the most radical student of his senior class for sharing the Gospel.

After completing High School, and according to his parents wishes, he entered junior college and earned degrees in Electronic Technology and Liberal Arts. The four years he was there he went out daily on the campus and shared the Gospel with students. During this time he also Worked with Juvenile Delinquents in detention centers. He did this for seven years and it was during this time that he developed His Discipleship Material.  As a result of His obedience to Christ and faithfully sharing Christ with his free time for eight years, the Lord gave him the specific spiritual calling of Evangelist-Overseer-Teacher and commissioned him with the task of Motivating, Training and Equipping Christian Laymen in Evangelism.

After graduating from Junior college with degrees in Electronic Technology and Liberal Arts, he attended Oral Roberts University (ORU) and completed a BA in Church Ministry Pastoral studies. While there he developed a primitive version of his current existing 5th Edition Basic Training Program of Evangelism titled Evangelism: the Time Is Now! and taught it to the ORU students. He also developed an Advanced Evangelism Training Program titled Relationship With Jesus the Key to Effective Ministry.

After graduation he Pastored in California while teaching Christian Laymen Evangelism and doing door to door, street and College Evangelism with them several times a week. He continues this work to this day.

In Addition to Pastoring the Layman's Evangelistic Church, Pastor Kruse also heads the Evangelistic Organization titled  Layman Evangelism Ministry Book Series  (LEMBS). LEMBS is a literature ministry which provides individual Christians, Churches and Christian Colleges with a  COMPLETE  Evangelism Training Program consisting of Bibles, Basic & Advanced  Evangelism Training Textbooks, Teacher's Manuals, Discipleship Series, Spiritual Warfare, Apologetics, Field Tracts, Training Videos and even a complete  Evangelism Training Package  This material effectively motivates, trains and equips Christian Layman with everything he or she needs to successfully bring their community to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

This literature is developed as a result of Pastor Kruse’s Forty-four years (2013) of weekly on the field Evangelism, in class training, and many hours of prayer, research and study.

Twenty-eight Year Ministry Associate and Creator of this Web Sight,

Greg S. Hofler

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