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Concerning Donations

1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"

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Relationship With Jesus the Key To Effective Ministry

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The more advanced purpose of an Evangelism Training Program is to teach the Christian how to strengthen the weak, heal the slick, bind up the broken hearted, and to bring back those who are scattered and lost. This is the purpose of the Advanced Training put together in the Advanced Textbook on Evangelism, Discipleship, Apologetics, and Counseling titled, Relationship With Jesus The Key To Effective Ministry. The primary purpose of this training program is to teach the Layman compassion in ministering through right discernment.  It does this first by

  • Teaching the student what the Bible states about the relationship of the Trinity and Jesus' desired relationship with the church.

  • Second, how this relates to the complexity of man's constitution and what the Bible teaches about man's constitution.

  • Third, how we approach Jesus for the answer to our needs and in counseling Laymen.

  • Fourth, why we do not always succeed in our attempts to minister Jesus to others.

  • Fifth, what our primary motive is in discerning Jesus' will and plan for our lives individually.

  • Sixth, what the believers relationship to the Law is.

  • Seventh, how to discern the hidden causes for our conscious actions we cannot seem to control and then how to discern Jesus' solution to overcome these subconscious urges.

  • Eighth, why we as Christians suffer.

  • Ninth, foundations necessary for discernment, required conditions for discernment, required motivation for discernment, primary principles for discernment and miscellaneous principles for discernment.

  • Tenth, the importance of the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives and especially how this relates to the manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit and how these help us get to the root of a problem and to the root solution.

  • Eleventh, how we approach Jesus with our needs and discern which manifestations of the Holy Spirit to minister.

  • Twelfth, how we are to properly relate to one another in the body of Christ and why this is the key and solution to successful world Evangelism.

  • Thirteenth, how to teach these advanced principles of Evangelism, discipleship and Counseling to others.

  • Fourteenth, the importance of knowledge and how to discern what areas of knowledge Jesus wants us to pursue individually.

  • Fifteenth, how to discern Jesus' place of ministry for each of us individually. Finally, how to succeed in what Jesus has called us to do individually.

In Apologetics the Advanced material focuses on:

  • The teachings of Francis A. Schaeffer. Dr. Schaeffer's books teach how to discern one's culture and in relationship to that how to make the simple Gospel simple to the person we are witnessing too.

  • Scientific evidence of literal twenty-hour six Solar days of Creation.

  • The Impossibility of Spontaneous Generation of Life.

  • The Literal Historical Reliability of Genesis.

  • Evidence of the world wide flood.

  • The significance of the Genealogy of Genesis and how this relates to Jesus being truly our Savior and Messiah.

  • Evidence of Moses' authorship of the Pentateuch.

  • The significance of the different names of God in the Pentateuch.

  • And why Genesis and Evolution are not compatible.

These advanced concepts will give the Layman the ability to minister to any normal need physically, spiritually, and mentally; but also the discernment to know when to refer an individual to someone more qualified than himself to meet the need.
By the time the Layman has gone through both the Basic and Advanced Training Program he will be adequately trained to then take on greater responsibilities in other areas of ministry in or outside the Church or continue in the Church's Evangelism Training Program so he can help train others.

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