Heaven & Hell

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 Book 1 Contents 



Scenes Beyond the Grave

By Marietta Davis Written in 1856.

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1. Introductory Statement

2. Man at Death

3. City of Peace

4. The Glory of the Cross

5. Children in Paradise

6. The Infant Paradise

7. Infants Received by the Savior

8. Infants Restored to Harmony

9. Christ Revealed as Suffering on the Cross

10. The City Viewed from a Superior Plain

11. Marietta Descends to Realms of Darkness

12. The Abode of the Lost

13. The Abyss-Realm of the Desperately Wicked

14. Marietta Ascends from the Abyss

15. Marietta Learns of Her Unfitness to Enjoy Heaven

16. The Forlorn and Doomed Being

17. The Babe of Bethlehem

18. Justice and Mercy

19. The Betrayal

20. Cruelties Inflicted Upon Jesus

21. Christ Before Tribunal

22. The Dream of Pilate’s Wife

23. Jesus Led Out to Be Crucified

24. Judas Repenting

25. Calvary

26. Death of the Savior

27. The Resurrection and Ascension

28. The Rescue

29. Marietta’s Return to Earth