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The Time Is Now!

Student Testimony

By Bogdan Laza

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July, 2000

Dear Brothers and Sisters

The Basic Textbook titled Evangelism: The Time Is Now! is an awesome Textbook and Training program in Evangelism! The Book is bursting full of the Holy Spirit! It is a great way to learn the fundamental basics of evangelism, and the way the author wrote the book makes you feel like your right there talking to him instead of just reading a textbook. One of my favorite things about this book is every single chapter, no matter what it has to deal with, whether forgiveness or scientific support of the Bible, it has a very loud message of evangelism to it, even if the author doesnít mention going out preaching and sharing the Gospel in the chapter you still get a very strong message that, that is what you need to do. I would recommend this Textbook Evangelism Training Program to absolutely anybody, whether a 6th or 7th grader or a man in his late 90ís, this book was written so that anybody of any age of any background would be able to sit down, read through it, and understand what the book is trying to say.

A good example of this is me and my mother: I have had the pleasure of knowing the author personally and as a result had his tutoring while going through this training program. That gave me an edge when I decided to go through the training program of Evangelism as well. As I read through the textbook I would remember having talked with Pastor Kruse about some of the subjects beforehand and that made it a lot easier for me to understand. However, my mother has never talked to or met the author, and one day she picked up this Textbook and read a few chapters of it and she understood them almost perfectly. That was no easy task for my mother because she was born in Romania and she did not come to America until she was in her 30ís. As a result she still has problems understanding what some Americans say. Over the years her English vocabulary has continued to increase, but due to the fact she had to learn it later in life it will always be a challenge for her. However, one day she picked up the Basic Textbook of Evangelism Textbook written by Dale Kruse and not only had no problem reading it, but came to saving faith in Jesus Christ as a result of what she read!

Brothers and Sisters, if you have given your life to Jesus and want Jesus to use you to successfully bring others to saving faith in Him, then you will want to go through this Training Program of Evangelism! While it is more beneficial to go through this training program with others, if you donít have this opportunity, you can still go through the training program by yourself and benefit from it tremendously, so I encourage you to order this textbook and begin the program immediately. Donít be afraid that you wonít be able to understand it because you WILL!!!! Donít be afraid of its size, it is a big book with almost 500 pages, because through the weekly homework assignments given in the front of the Textbook you will be able to complete the training program in only 13 weeks.

Brothers and sisters, we are all called to Evangelism, but it is your decision if you want to have the largest arsenal of evangelical knowledge you can get in one book or if you want to read a couple of smaller books here and there and mainly just wing it. Not only have I learned how to bring a person to saving faith in Jesus Christ through this training program, and how to disciple them after they are saved, but the Textbook also has a section on apologetics which gives clear answers about why we as Christians believe what we believe about Jesus and the Bible, answers I have been able to use with full documentation in the classroom. It also has a section called Bible Internet Quick Reference which is exactly that: Quick Bible references you can use to share Jesus with men and women on the internet. I STRONGLY encourage ANYBODY to order this textbook, and if you donít want to do that then at least do yourself the favor of ordering the Discipleship book with the same title called Evangelism: The Time Is Now! This book has the first 4 chapters of the Textbook. I have the Textbook with the same title, so I gave my discipleship book to a brother so he too could benefit and grow from the encouraging messages inside this book.

Pastor Kruse was my tutor and mentor while going through this training program and I can tell you that he is one of the most loving brothers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing; so donít be afraid to purchase this Basic Textbook of Evangelism for yourself or the training program for your church or Christian School. I promise you that you will never regret it or find yourself lacking in anything you will need in sharing Jesus with others on the field either planned aggressively or one on one through the daily encounters of life. I should know, because through what I have learned in this training program I have been able to lead many others to saving faith in Jesus and then help them get established in their new found relationship with Jesus for a successful walk with him.

Sincerely Yours in Jesus,

Bogdan Laza
Beaverton, Oregon
December 25, 2000

A more recent letter to a friend:

March, 2003

Dear: John:

Hi! Iím writing this letter to share with you my experience with Evangelism: the Time Is Now! Evangelism Training Program. The Lord used Dale to bring me to Him about four and a half years ago, and ever since, I have both gone through and graduated from the Basic and Advanced Evangelism training programs.

Dale told me you have a real hunger and thirst for God, thatís awesome! You can never have too much Jesus, there is always room for more. As far as Evangelism goes, well, I know you already understand why we go out, so I want to talk to you about my own experiences, and link up how the Basic and Advanced Evangelism training helped me go out and do Godís will.

I came to the Lord when I was about 14, and immediately I started Daleís program. The program gave me some very strong foundations in Jesus, in Christianity, so I was able to go out on the field and stand my ground, I was and still am able to answer most any question I come across simply because the program teaches such a broad variety of topics like why we believe what we believe and in such good detail and depth that it is sufficient for anyone to at least get them out there.

At first I was afraid of going out, terrified by the idea, but, because I knew I already had training in this, and practice with my friends, and just by myself, I knew I wasnít going into anything I wasnít ready for. Personally once you go out, the hardest step is actually going and talking with somebody, once you overcome this, Satan has little to no ground to attack you on. Youíll find as you sit and talk with somebody about Jesus it simply flows, you might as well be talking to your best friend because thatís where the comfort level goes, your in Godís will so you experience the fruits of the Holy Spirit, the fruits of love, joy, peace, and happiness. While doing evangelism I have had my dry spells, and Iíve had times of great harvest. Through the training I received through this Evangelism training program, through me Jesus brought my mom and my best friend to saving faith in Him. He has also used me to bring many students at my High School to saving faith in Jesus because of this program. So donít worry, once you step out of your comfort zone and do Godís will, youíll see it isnít that bad after all. The program will give you the boost you need to get out of the door. The rest the Lord will teach you.

Your Brother in Jesus,

Bogdan Laza

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