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The Time Is Now!

Section 6, Chapter 9

Experiencing Jesusí
And Forgiveness

By Dale P. Kruse

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We were going door to door near California State University of Fresno, Ca. We came to the apartment door of a young Hispanic mother named Carman. She agreed to answer the questions to the Survey:

Dale: Does your household attend Church?

Carman: Once in a while.

Dale: Are there any problems you see in the Church in General today?

Carman: All about money. That is all they talk about.

Dale: If you could make changes in the Church, what changes in the Church would you like to see take place?

Carman: Make it less money oriented.

Dale: If you were to consider going to a Church, what would that church need to be (qualities) for you to go there?

Carman: Small. Not routine, more flexibility. Not money focused.

Dale: If a new Church were to start in your neighborhood, would you consider going to this Church?

Carman: Yes

Dale: Who is Jesus Christ according to your understanding?

Carman: Father, Our Maker, My destiny.

Dale: If you were to die tonight, do you know for sure whether or not you would go to heaven?

Carman: No.

Dale: If someone were to come up to you and say, "I want to go to heaven! What must I do to go there?" What would be your answer to him?

Carman: Accept Jesus, repent and ask God for His forgiveness.

Dale: If you could know for sure how to go to heaven and have eternal life would you be interested in knowing how?

Carman: Yes.

She said she had asked Jesus into her heart at a Church in the Bay Area about six years ago. So instead of going through What Is Eternal Life? from the beginning, I began with the part on assurance using Hebrews 13:5 "I will never ever desert you, nor will I ever ever ever forsake you." My partner and I pointed out that Jesus is saying that He will never ever leave us. We explained that when she accepted Jesus, He has never left her and that therefore she still has Jesus in her heart.

We then explained 1 John 5:11-12 where the Father promises us that if we have Jesus, we HAVE eternal life. We explained to her that because she has Jesus and since He promised to never leave us that she does have eternal life and yes, she is going to Heaven. I then explained to her:

Dale: Carman, all Christians sin on a daily basis, not because we want to, but because our soul and flesh are in bondage to sin and therefore prone to sin and will remain this way until death and the Resurrection. The writer of Ecclesiastes 7:20 tells us, "Indeed, there is not a righteous man on earth who continually does good and who never sins." The Apostle John put it this way in 1 John 1:8 " If we say we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us." The importance of this Carman is learning to have a realistic view of yourself as a Christian. Satan often deceives us. He says something like, "Give up trying to live the Christian life. You keep recommitting and recommitting the same sin. You cannot live the Christian life." The end result is that the Christian comes under a weight of guilt, feeling because he or she cannot get permanent victory over some problem that they are a disgrace to the Christian faith and so quit trying to live for God.

Being a Christian does not mean living a life of sinless perfection. We will not be delivered absolutely from the power and presence of sin until death. Being a Christian means that we have come to recognize that we are sinners, that we have fallen woefully short of what God has called and wants us to be, and that if left to ourselves we could never change what we are. Being a Christian is realizing that because we recognize these truths about ourselves that we needed a Savior and so turned to Jesus to save us from our sins: past sins, present sins, and the sins we have not yet committed.

If we believe we cannot save ourselves, why do we as Christians think that we can sanctify ourselves? We cannot. Satan is right. We are sinners and hopelessly lost and if not for the grace of God through Jesus Christ we would be lost. We do not need to argue with the Devil. We need to agree with him. When Satan condemns me over some sin or sins, this is how I respond, "You are right Satan. This is why I needed Jesus because I am a sinner and a total failure. Thank you for reminding me of God's goodness to me despite my sin through Jesus Christ."

So, first, Carman, you need to have a realistic view of yourself as a Christian. I'm sorry, but just because you are a Christian does not mean you are going to come to a place and never sin. The fact of the matter is your going to sin daily, not because you want to, but because we are weak fallen human beings. We all sin daily, some days more and some days less.

Carman, what I would like to share with you now is a book I have titled Jesus Is the Answer to Your Needs which explains how to release your faith in Jesusí forgiveness for your sins moment by moment. May I go through this with you?

Carman: Yes! Please!

I then went through the Forgiveness Tract with Carman up to the prayer on page 9 and we then had the following conversation:

Dale: Carman, would you like to pray and remake Jesus Lord of your life.

Carman: Yes, please.

Dale: Before we pray, Carman, lets all bow and take a minute to confess our sins silently to Jesus. After a couple of minutes I will then have us pray this prayer together.

Carman: Okay.

Carman silently confessed her sins and then we prayed the prayer of forgiveness together. After we prayed I gave her a copy of my book titled Experiencing Jesusí Forgiveness Daily.

As we left she expressed gratitude for helping her to understand these truths of the Word of God. It was obvious to us both that she became excited again about her relationship with Jesus and her Christian walk.

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