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The Time Is Now!

Section 6, Chapter 14

The Significance of the Resurrection

By Greg Hofler

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While doing Evangelism with Pastor Kruse in an indoor mall, we came up to an elderly gentlemen, who I will call Paul, who I suspect had been a university educator before his retirement. I had read through the sixth point on page 2 of What Is Eternal Life? when suddenly he grabbed the tract out of my hand and while pointing to the statement on p. 1, "And Believe That God the Father Raised Him Physically from the Dead," said the following:

Paul (P): Do you really believe this literally?

Greg Hofler (GH): Yes I do!

P: I have been in the Methodist Church all my life and if God can take an acorn and turn it into an oak tree then God can do anything; but I donít know about taking Jesus physical resurrection from the dead literally?

GH: Paul, do you understand the significance of the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ?

P: No.

GH: Paul, many people through history have claimed to be messengers from God and that their religious writings are the word of God. There was Mohammed who wrote the Koran and Joseph Smith who wrote the book of Mormon, there are the Hindu writings and other religious books. Anyone can claim to be a messenger of God and be from God, but how do we know who was truly of God and who was not?

Jesus claimed many things about Himself. He claimed, as Pastor Kruse

shares here on page 4 of this tract, to be God Himself in the flesh, to be our creator, that what Moses wrote in the first five books of the Bible is literally true and by His authorship and that He was writing about Him, God the creator. Jesus also did not just claim to be a messenger of God, but he claimed to be the only way to God. When Jesus was asked what His proof to these claims were, He did not tell his inquirers not to ask questions but just believe, He told them He would give them absolute proof. He told them to kill Him and that He would stay dead for three days and then come back physically from the dead to prove who He was and His claims about Himself.

If Jesus was God our Creator, the greatest proof He could give us would to be to bring Himself back from the dead, recreate His human body alive after it had been dead for three days. This is how we know that Jesus really is God in the flesh and that He really did die for our sins because God the Father brought Him back from the dead to prove to us it is literally and absolutely true. God the Father bringing Jesus back from the dead is His witness and testimony that Jesus really is His only Son and that He accepts His death for our sins. That is what it means to believe that God the Father raised him from the dead, the significance of Jesusí resurrection, and why we cannot be saved unless we do believe in it. To not believe in Jesusí physical resurrection is to not believe God the Fatherís testimony about what is true and that Jesus is His Son and only means to salvation. Salvation comes through believing what God has said and promised in His Word. Deny this

and not only can you not be saved, but you have no basis for knowing anything about what is true.

I mentioned earlier about many other religious founders of history who claimed to be messengers of God and that what they taught was true. What proof did they give us that what they said is true? Nothing! They all died and you can visit their graves. Jesus came back from the dead. Yes I take it literally and if you donít, the Bible says you cannot be saved.

Again the Bible does not tell us to believe this just because it says this. It tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:3-8 that there were over 512 people who witnessed Jesusí physical resurrection from the dead, who then walked with Him for forty days after His resurrection and then witnessed His ascension up to heaven.

I then went on to share the rest of the Salvation Tract with Paul. After I read the Gospel of John 2:22 on the bottom of p. 3, I said further to Paul,

GH: Paul, even Jesusí disciples had doubts about taking the Old Testament and Jesusí claims about Himself literally until after He rose physically from the dead. After that, they no longer had any doubts. (I then continued to share the Salvation Tract up to page 11 and then asked him):

GH: Which of these two people best represents your life?

P: The one on the right (Christ-Controlled).

GH: Have you ever prayed and invited Jesus into your heart?

P: No.

GH: The following explains how you can know Jesus personally. The way you come to know Jesus is by LITERALLY inviting Him into your heart. This prayer explains to you how. It states: (read through prayer). Would you like to pray and invite Jesus into your heart?

At this point Paul pulls the booklet again out of my hand and studies page 11 and 12. As he did this his wife walked up and he said:

P: I would like to keep this (as he stood up).

GH: Yes! Please do. If you have any other questions, you can reach me through the address on the last page of the book. Please feel free to write me!

P: Thank you, I find this very interesting!

GH: Thank You for allowing me to share it with you.

With this they left. Paul obviously was hearing these truths for the first time. Even though he said he was Christ-Controlled, he obviously did not know what this meant, or meant that he was religious, a member of a Church; but by the rest of his comments and response, he obviously did not know Jesus and was not saved. I had successfully explained to him what it meant to be a Christian and how to become one, and the significance of the resurrection. I was successful in evangelizing him. It is now up to the Holy Spirit to convince him it is true and Paulís need to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord to be saved. Please pray for Paul.

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