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The Time Is Now!

Section 6, Chapter 13

Do Not Judge By Appearance

By Greg Hofler

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Pastor Kruse and I had been witnessing in the park near the river when we came across a middle aged gentleman I will call Jake. It was my turn to share the Gospel:

Greg Hofler (G): Hi! My name is Greg and this is my friend Dale and we are out today taking a survey on this booklet called What Is Eternal Life? and I wondered if I could take ten minutes of your time and get your reaction to it?

Jake (J): You gave me one of these last year.

G: What was your reaction to it?

J: I thought that it presented the Gospel very clearly. I am a Christian.

G: What is your name?

J: Jake.

G: Jake, how did you first receive Christ?

J: About ten years ago I prayed and received Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord at a Billy Graham crusade.

G: Amen! Jake, I have this other booklet written mainly for Christians titled May I take a few minutes of your time and get your reaction to it?

J: Okay!

I shared the Evangelism Tract with him. The entire time I was sharing it with him he continued to fish: casting out his line, reeling it in, baiting the hook and moving around a lot. It appeared on the surface that he really was not interested, but when I got the point of commitment and asked him if he would like to pray and commit his free time to Jesus to share the love of Jesus with others, he said in response to my surprise:

J: Yes, I would!

I then led him through the prayer of commitment.

G: Jake, I am glad you have made this commitment to share Jesus with others. Pastor Kruse has written many books that are listed on the last page which can give you the training you need to become an effective witness for Jesus Christ. The Textbook titled Evangelism: The Time Is Now! is the Basic Evangelism Training Program I went through that taught me how to effectively communicate my faith with others. I highly recommend it! My address is here also. If you would like to go through this program with a personal trainer like myself, please write us at this address and express your interest and we will get in contact with you immediately. The first book listed here titled Why ALL Christians Need TRAINING in EVANGELISM explains the importance of training and how this Basic Program of Evangelism can give you the training and equipping to be an effective witness of the Gospel for Jesus Christ. I encourage you to purchase this book and read it!

J: Okay! I'll do that!

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