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The Time Is Now!

Section 6, Chapter 10

His Girl Friend Will Be Happy

By Greg Hofler

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While out on the field sharing the Gospel, I came across a man I will call Phil.

Greg Hofler (G): Hi! My name is Greg and I am out today taking a survey on this booklet called What Is Eternal Life? and I wondered if I could take ten minutes of your time and get your reaction to it?

Phil (P): I guess so.

G: What is Your name?

P: Phil.

I then when through What Is Eternal Life? with him up to page 11 and then had the following conversation with him:

G: Which of these two people best represents your life?

P: The one on the left.

G: Which person would you like to represent your life?

P: The Christ-Controlled person.

I then shared p. 12 about how to receive Jesus through prayer.

G: Paul, would you like to pray and ask Jesus into your heart?

P: Yes I would!

Phil then prayed and received Jesus into his heart. I then finished going through the Salvation Tract with him, gave him the book Understanding Your Salvation in Jesus and set up a follow-up appointment with him Phil then said to me:

P: My girlfriend has been talking to me about Jesus lately. She will be thrilled that I have invited Jesus into my heart. I am looking forward to sharing this material with her. May I have a few more of these Salvation Tract?

G: Sure! Paul, do you have a Bible?

P: Yes!

G: Good! I want to encourage you to read it every day.

With that he thanked me and we left.

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