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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"






The Time Is Now!

Section 5, Chapter 9

How to Disciple A New Christian

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Dear John:

The Biblical principles you have learned in the past few weeks, if you faithfully put them into practice (daily feed on Jesus and His Word, Church Fellowship, daily confessing your sins and receiving Godís forgiveness, obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit, time management), will give you the ability to discover and succeed in Jesusí will and plan for your life. They will also lead you to the answers to any questions you may have in your walk with Jesus. Finally, they will assure you of fulfilling Jesusí will and plan for your life while you are on this earth.

John, what I want to talk with you about in this closing letter is the importance of Evangelism and more importantly, your involvement in Evangelism. There is only one answer to manís problems and needs: JESUS! There are no other answers. Without Jesus, men and women will spend a Christless eternity out of Godís presence in Hell for ever. That is an absolute fact proved absolutely true through the Physical Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because this is true, the most loving thing you and I can do during our free time, a minimum of two hours a week, is to go out and share the love of Jesus Christ with men.

Before you do that, though, you first need to go through a training program in Evangelism. The reason for this is because you learn what Evangelism is, how to explain clearly and in love to another person what it means to be a Christian and how to become one. You also learn how to deal with tough questions you will encounter when sharing your faith with others. Finally, you will learn how to help that person become Jesusí disciple by teaching them what it means to hear Jesusí voice and then how to encourage them to obey what Jesus commands them to do, how to help them succeed in His will and plan for their lives. I already showed you the textbook on Evangelism I would be more than happy to take you through (or evangelism training program your Church is giving). This training program in Evangelism takes thirteen weeks to go through.

John, Evangelism is not a natural inclination of the flesh. I can tell you already that your flesh is rubbing against this idea. That is why making a decision to involve yourself in this work becomes a decision of love, not a feeling. This is because initially your feelings will not be involved. They will fight you. You are saved, you are going to heaven, so neither is it a matter of salvation. Making a decision to spend a minimum of two hours of your time in a week for the rest of your life to share Jesus with others is the single greatest decision of love you can make or will ever make. This is because a person hearing about Jesusí love and forgiveness through His shed blood, death and resurrection and then his accepting Jesus as Savior and Lord determines how he will spend his eternity. The problem is, though, that the only way man can come to know these truths is when you and I go out and share Jesusí love and forgiveness with him.

The Holy Spirit does not work in a vacuum. His only tool for drawing a person to Jesus is Godís Word. That is why we must go out and share the word. Only after we have shared the Gospel with men can the Holy Spirit begin his work of bringing that word back to these peopleís memory to bring them to Jesus.

Whether you get involved in Evangelism or not, Jesus still loves you, but He also desperately needs you. As a result of your having read Evangelism: The Time is Now!, you already know all the Scriptures which encourage you in this direction, so I close this letter and my present work of discipleship in you by saying and encouraging you to not take the selfish road that many Christians take of making their faith personal and silent. Please, join with those of us who go out regularly and share our faith with others and help us go out and aggressively share the answer to manís problems and needs: Jesus! Help us to go out and do the most loving thing we can do for another human being: Share Jesusí love and forgiveness with them. Looking forward to hearing your decision.

Again, always feel free to call if you have any questions about anything or need prayer about anything. I will always be your brother and will always be available to you.

Sincerely, Your Friend and Brother in Jesus,

Dale P. Kruse

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The purpose of these letters is to aid you in what the content of your letters should cover. They are not meant to be a word for word dictation, except where spiritual concepts are involved. Outside of the spiritual concepts, be sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in how He would have you to write the surrounding comments concerning these letters. I suggest waiting upon the Lord through worship and praise and in spirit and truth for discernment about how best to write each of these letters to the person you are working with. The Holy Spirit will show you how to write and word the personal letters to the new Christian.  After all, that is how I wrote How to Disciple A New Christian.

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