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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"






The Time Is Now!

Section 5, Chapter 9

How to Disciple A New Christian

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1) Start off by asking the New Christian how his week has been.

2) Second, start your time of study with prayer.

3) Third, ask him what Jesus ministered and taught him during his daily feeding on Jesus this week. Take notes. Encourage him to keep it up.

4) Fourth, ask him what he got personally out of this week's reading lesson.

5) Fifth, ask him if he has any questions on this week's reading assignment.

6) Sixth, show him this Textbook and challenge him to allow you to take him through this Textbook and train him in how to share his faith with others. If he is favorable to it, establish how and when you will begin doing this. If he says he does want to do it. Give him a couple of weeks rest before beginning this program or let him know when Your church will be offering the training program and encourage him to sign up for it. Explain clearly to him that it is a thirteen week program requiring reading, memorization, and in class and on the field training. It will take approximately seven to ten hours of his time a week: Two hours in class training, two hours on the field, and three to five hours doing the homework.

7) Seventh, close with prayer. Ask him if he has any personal needs. If so, pray for him and his needs. Encourage him to keep practicing what he has learned in the four books you covered together.

8) Eighth, call him during the week to see how he is doing. Answer whatever questions he has and pray for any present needs that he has.

9) Twelfth, write a letter like this sample letter titled Evangelism: The Time Is Now! which reaffirms what you covered in this week's lesson.

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