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The Time Is Now!

Section 5, Chapter 9

How to Disciple A New Christian

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If in sharing What Is Eternal Life? the person decides to receive Jesus as Savior and Lord, after covering point one on page 15 in how to grow in their relationship with Jesus, and reading to the person the four books listed for this purpose, say the following:

(We will use the name John for the sake of illustration when ever talking about the New Christian we are discipling). John, these four books can be purchased through the order form in the back of this tract (showing them the last inside page), but what I want to do right now is give you this book titled Jesus Is The Answer To Your Needs and encourage you to read it this week. This is because John this book will give you assurance of salvation and teach you how to relate to Jesus for the answer to your needs, how to know what is truly His voice, how to know what is His will and plan for your life, and how to succeed in that plan. Also, John, if you are interested, there are questions at the end of most of the Chapters in this book. Try to answer them as best as you can. The purpose of the questions is not to test your intelligence but to help you get out of the Chapter the important points they are trying to teach you.

Also, John, if you would like we can go over those questions together to make sure you understand the teaching of each chapter.

If the person is open to this, work out together how and when you can do this. Try to get their number and tell them that you will call them the day before to confirm your appointment to get together with them to discuss what they have learned in the book titled Jesus Is The Answer To Your Needs.

If the person has made a true commitment to Jesus in prayer with you and is truly serious about his relationship with Jesus, he or she will read the book and confirm and show up for the follow-up appointment. If they are not willing to take any initiative toward their walk with Jesus by following through, your further efforts to motivate them in this direction will be just as unfruitful. This does not mean they may not have made a genuine commitment in their relationship with Jesus, but that they may not be very trusting toward strangers, so donít take it personally.

If you think this is very passive on my part, consider yourself: how long did it take Jesus, after you were saved, to get you to go through a training program in Evangelism and Discipleship like this one. Many of you have known Jesus for years. It is for this reason you must never become discouraged about your efforts to train a New Christian in the basics of discipleship.

Over the years I have had people come up to me and tell me I had led them to Jesus and about their walk with Jesus now. Americanís are very independent and rarely entrust themselves to anyone, even if they have made a genuine commitment to Jesus as Savior and Lord. This is why I always give at least the first two books on Discipleship to the New Christian immediately. I do this so that even if they do not follow through in allowing me to help them understand the material, at least they have the material and can read it when the Holy Spirit is able to successfully motivate them in doing so. I have worked with people in the Christian faith for years before I finally got them to read just one book to their benefit. Unfortunately, often times American Christians can be just as independent as Americans are.

If they show up for the first appointment, you will be able to successfully follow through with them in discipleship training. In this case, follow the procedures I have given below developed as a result of thirty-four years of Evangelism and discipleship training. If they do not follow through, do not think that you were a failure in leading them to Jesus. They know Jesus. In these cases, you have done what you can. You must simply entrust them to Jesus and trust Jesus to do in their hearts and lives what is necessary to bring them to the place in their walk with Him that he desires.

After going over the second point in What Is Eternal Life? in how to grow in Jesus on page 16, say the following to him:

John, do you attend Church anywhere?

If he says, Yes!, say the following:

John, the next time you see your pastor, share with him the decision you made today to receive Jesus Christ as Your Savior and Lord.

If they say they do not have a Church home, then say the following to him:

John, we want you to know you are more than welcome to come and fellowship with us at our Church this Sunday. I have a brochure here (which you should have with you from your Church) which tells what time our services are and where our Church meets on Sunday. Would you like to attend Church with me this Sunday?

If he says yes, ask him if he has transportation. If not, offer him a ride to church. Get his address and phone number and give him your phone number, then arrange when and at what time to pick him up for Church Sunday or to meet him at the Church so you can introduce him to the Pastor and take him to Sunday school etcetera. Tell him that you will call him up Saturday night to confirm your agreed upon plans for meeting together for Church Sunday.

Give Him a copy of the Salvation Tract What Is Eternal Life? for his own personal review with your name and phone number on the back. Also, if you have one with you, give him a Gospel of John and ask him to begin reading it also during the week. You can buy a New Testament for as little as a $1.00.

Have a closing prayer of thanks and tell him you will call him during the week to see how he is getting along. Tell him also you are looking forward to your getting together with him to hear what he learned from reading, Jesus Is The Answer To Your Needs.

During the week, do call him to see how he is getting along. Also write him a letter like the sample letter like this one titled, Assurance Of Salvation, to reassure and confirm him in his new relationship with Jesus and to encourage him to read the first book you asked him to read and to let him know you are looking forward to going over it with him when he has finished reading it.

Finally finish reading page 17 of What Is Eternal Life? After reading the first point say to him:

Christian Witness [CW]: John, it is really important for You to share with someone what you did today because this will solidify the commitment you made, okay?

Finish going over the rest of the points and then say the following to him in closing:

Christian Witness [CW]: John, if you are now Godís child and I am Godís child, what does that make us?

John: Brothers?

CW: Welcome to the Family of God Brother (while shaking his hand). See you this weekend for church.

You should practice doing this whole routine with another Christian until you have mastered it and are completely comfortable in sharing it.

What has just been suggested here in closing are guidelines. You may do whatever seems appropriate. If the person is open to it, certainly invite him to get back together with you immediately for follow-up the next day. Take them out to dinner. Make friends with them. Other than what has been suggested above, follow certainly any further things to do with the person as the Holy Spirit leads you.

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