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Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Student Testimony

By Nenita L. Kruse


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Positive Evaluation
Critical Evaluation


Positive Evaluation:

July 13, 2008

Re: Advanced Evaluation

Dear Ingrid:

As You are planning to do, I previously went through the Basic Training Program of Evangelism. In that Training Program of Evangelism, I learned what the Gospel is and how to share it in love, how to lead a person into saving faith in Jesus Christ through prayer, and then how to Disciple a New Christian so that they will succeed in their walk with Jesus. I learned through the Apologetic Section of the Basic Textbook how we know that what the Bible teaches is true and is truly Godís WordóGodís Word alone. That was a real blessing and encouraged and strengthened my faith in the Bible Godís Word and I was able to use that information on the field to help people release their faith in the truths taught in the Bible which then led to their coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ through prayer. In fact, that is what it means to trust in God which is to trust in His Word. We cannot be saved unless we believe the promises of God in His Word concerning His Son Jesus Christís death and shed blood on the cross.

Recently, however, Ingrid, I just finished the Advanced Evangelism Training Program of Pastor Kruseís. Where as the Basic Training Program taught me how to share my faith and disciple a new Christian, the Advanced Training Program taught me how to find out how to. What do I mean? The Bible teaches that Jesus only spoke and acted out of the initiative of the Father (John 5:19, 12:48-50) and that He wants us to go and do the same (John 20:21). That sounds great, but how do we do that? That is what the Advanced Training Program teaches, it teaches you how to do that by the Holy Spirit through Your human spirit. Pastor Kruse explained how this relates to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the manifestation gifts of the Holy Spirit taught in 1 Corinthians Chapter 12. He then goes on to explain how to apply this in your sharing the Gospel, in discipling the individual and in how to find the specific and unique ministry Jesus has for you the individual. It also has an Apologetic Section which focuses primarily on the Book of Genesis and shows how it is to be taken literally and how the evidence of true tangible measurable facts of Science, History, Archaeology, Salvation Theology and other disciplines show that it is literal, not mythological as the theory of evolution has proved to be over and over and over again in the fossil records and in the true tangible measurable facts of science. This section (Section 10) of the Advanced Textbook was at times difficult and deep but I still got a lot out of it. Iíll have to go back and reread that section in the future more slowly. Basically, you learn the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and how to walk in the Holy Spirit in all areas of your life and of course especially as that relates to reaching out to the lost.

So I just wanted you to know that you will not regret disciplining yourself to go though the Basic Training Program, and then if you are willing later the Advanced Training Program as well. Please feel free to contact me,, if you desire more information on these Training Programs. God bless you.

Sincerely, Your Friend in Jesus,

Nenita L. Kruse

Critical Evaluation:

July 24, 2008

A Critical Evaluation of the Basic & Advanced Evangelism Training Program Taught by Pastor Dale Kruse

To my former Associates:

The Last Assignment in the Basic and Advanced Evangelism Training Program is to write a Positive and Critical Evaluation of each of these programs giving suggestions of what would improve the Training Program or what I thought was wrong with the Training Program.  After much prayer and careful consideration the answer I believe the Lord gave me was rather then needing to write Pastor Kruse a critical evaluation, I needed to write this critical evaluation to those who attacked and criticized this Training Program, I mean those people who criticized it who have not done the Training Program and know nothing about it.

As I began this training program, many people I know attacked and Criticized Pastor Kruse's Evangelism Training Program, people who had never read or done the Training Program. As of July 13, 2008 I completed both the Basic and Advanced Evangelism Training Program (normally a four semester college level program) which includes Pastor Kruse's teachings on Spiritual Warfare and I found nothing in it in conflict with God's Word or anything I was taught in my former Christian education. Shame on these people who claim to be Christians who would slander a Minister's reputation they know nothing about for no reason whatsoever and as a result hinder God's people from receiving the instruction and benefit they so badly need in order to be fruitful witnesses for our Lord Jesus Christ. I have had four years to study and apply this material in my life and find that it works 100%. I found nothing about it in my own life personally, in my relationship with others or otherwise that warrants any criticism that has come against it. Part of the Training Program when completed, at the end of the Basic and at the end of the Advanced, is to write a critical evaluation expressing what we think is wrong with the Training Program and what we would suggest to correct or improve the Training Program. This is my Critical Evaluation:  After I completed both training programs I could honestly not find anything wrong with it, nothing! And so state it here in my critical evaluation.  I only have praise of this wonderful Training Program which answered all my prayers and gave me the answers I soughtóformer training did not provide.

While I benefited greatly from the instruction I received as a new Christian from previous good Christian organizations, Pastor Kruse's Evangelism Training Program gave me the instruction, answers and know how, that is now a weekly life style of mine in Evangelism, former instruction could not. Through the instruction of His Evangelism Training Program based on forty years of experience on the field, I learned how to simply and practically communicate my faith to others and got 100% results. I learned also how to answer tough questions about the validity of my Christian Faith in a positive and loving way. Those who criticized this godly man of God in willful self-imposed ignorance would greatly benefit from doing this Evangelism Training Program.

I also have applied and practiced the Spiritual Warfare concepts I was taught, based on the Word of God, for the past four years and find it works 100% without error. Let me restate that:  100% without error.  I Have now the spiritual protection and peace of mind in all my daily situations in the Lord I did not have before and know how to gain that protection based on the Word of God. Those who criticized it, who never tried it are wrong and do not know what they are talking about. But then, is that not the work of Satan, to attack and slander anything that is a threat to his kingdom?

The Bible states in Proverbs 18:13 "He who gives an answer before he hears, it is folly and shame to him." The Folly and Shame is not in Pastor Kruse but in those who criticized a wonderful Evangelism Training Program they know nothing about. Jesus said in Matthew 7:20 "So then, you will know them by their fruits." I know the fruit of this Evangelism Training Program and the Man behind it in my own life personally and in doing Evangelism on the field for these past four years, that its teaching works on and off the field and I daily thank the Lord Jesus Christ for bringing this Evangelism Training Program into my life. It gave me the answers and know how previous training did not and was Godís answer to my prayers. But I also know the fruit of those people who attacked this man of God without reason or provocation while Pastor Kruse loved and freely gave of himself to them without Charge.

Sincerely in Jesus,

Nenita L. Kruse

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