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Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Student Testimony

By Greg S. Hofler

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Hi Fred:

    I JUST finished a fantastic Advanced Program on Evangelism titled, Relationship With Jesus the Key to Effective Ministry. While easy to read and understand, this was the most comprehensive and encouraging program on Evangelism I have ever been through. The Advanced Program covers a lot of different areas: Evangelism, Discipleship, the work of the Holy Spirit and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Apologetic material on the Book of Genesis and some really good outside books by Francis A. Schaeffer and finally many other outside outstanding books related to the material in the Textbook.
    While in the Basic Program of Evangelism titled, Evangelism: The Time Is Now!, I learned what the Gospel is and how to communicate the Gospel effectively in aggressive planned one on one Evangelism. However, in the Advanced School of Evangelism I learned how to develop Jesus' unique ministry for me in Evangelism through relationship with Him. Jesus has called all of us to be witnesses for Him and the only way He can do this successfully through our lives is through unhindered surrender and control of our lives to Him.
IN EVANGELISM I also learned about who Jesus is: fully God and fully man and how this relates to the message of Evangelism and our total salvation in Him. I learned how when we deviate from this truth one way or the other, it effects the totality of our message of salvation in Jesus. Our total salvation is rapped up in the need of His being fully God and fully man. Dale's Advanced Textbook on Evangelism explains clearly why this is true. The understanding I gained from this part of the Textbook helped me to understand what a Christian cult is and why they are truly wrong in God's plan of salvation for us.
IN EVANGELISM I also learned how to deal with tough questions against the Gospel on the field through Dale's excellent apologetic material on Genesis and from what I learned from Francis A.         Schaeffer's books included in the Advanced Evangelism Program. As a result of what I learned in this school of Evangelism in apologetics, I was able to successfully help a fellow employee see why the Bible truly is God's Word in all that it teaches and affirms. He had many misconceptions about the Bible and its reliability. Through what I learned in Dale's Advanced Textbook on Evangelism I was able to give him the answers that he needed and effectively and successfully turn his thinking around. It was a fantastic experience in the Lord. Thank You Jesus!
    ANOTHER section of the book that was very helpful to me was the sections on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In this section I learned how to go to Jesus with a need, whether my own or someone else's, and get His answer to that need and then effectively manifest and minister the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the need at hand and see God heal that person before my eyes as a result. I didn't realize how easy it was to manifest the gifts of the Holy Spirit to meet a given need. Dale's Advanced Program teaches you how and then you are able to put what you learn into practice in the class through praying for each others' needs and see that it really does work! Francis MacNutt's book, Healing, a part of the course, was also very helpful in this area laying necessary foundations to be effective in this area of ministry of healing through prayer.
    I ALSO learned in the school of Evangelism what the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is and is not, why some people are unable to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to properly pray for others to receive it without bruising the fruit.
    IN ANOTHER section of the Advanced Textbook I learned why the Church is not as effective as it could be in the world today and how this primarily relates to how we relate to one another in the Body of Christ. I learned how to approach and relate to my brothers and sisters in Christ properly, not only for my own success as a Christian, but for their success also. This part of the book was very enlightening.
THE SECTIONS of the book on Discipleship showed me how to clearly release my faith in Jesus for His forgiveness of my sins and how to successfully minister these truths to others. These sections also taught me the true meaning of the cross, how Jesus did not just come to free us from the penalty of sin, but to free us so our focus in life would not be trying to gain His forgiveness, but instead focusing on the plan and purpose that He has for our lives.
    THE ADVANCED School of Evangelism also taught me clearly what discipleship is and how to go about properly discipling others in Christ. I learned that discipleship is not trying to get others to be like me, but teaching them how to know what is truly Jesus' voice so they can discover His will and plan for their lives so they can fulfill that plan. I also learned that after they discover Jesus' will and plan for their lives that discipleship is then seeking Jesus as to how He wants me to cooperate with Him in Helping my brother's and sisters fulfill His purpose and plan for their lives.
    ANOTHER section of the Advanced Textbook taught me about the importance of knowledge, that Jesus does not just want us to read anything about anything, but that He wants us to submit our intellects to Him and seek His will about what He wants us to read and study. Jesus wants us to surrender the Lordship of our minds to Him and allow Him to develop our minds according to His will and plan for our lives to seek and save the lost, not just waste our times filling our minds with junk that is not fruitful to that plan.
    FINALLY the program ends by teaching you how to go to Jesus and discern the purpose and plan that He has for your life and how He wants you to go about fulfilling that plan. Dale devotes one specific Chapter on how to discern what is truly Jesus' voice which covers several different facets and is very helpful concerning this issue. Actually, the whole book is about how to discern what is truly Jesus' voice and His will and plan for Your life in Evangelism, in the furtherance of your education, in discipleship and in apologetics. As Dale states it in the Appendix of the Basic Textbook of Evangelism: "The purpose of these Textbooks is a more compassionate approach to ministry through right discernment."
    FRED, I have been really blessed through this Advanced School of Evangelism in so many ways! For that reason I just had to share with you why, because I know if you took the time to go through it yourself, you will find it very helpful in Your relationship with Jesus and very fruitful in Your seeking to successfully share the Gospel with others. When the Lord makes it possible for You to do so, I really encourage you to take the time to go through this Advanced school of Evangelism.

Sincerely, Your friend in Jesus,

Greg S. Hofler

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