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Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Student Testimony

By Bogdan Laza

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Dear Kayla:

Hey Kayla!!!! i just finished this AWESOME training program, you know? The Advanced Evangelism Textbook... and I want to tell you ALL about it!!! It is titled Relationship With Jesus the Key to Effective Ministry. I know you are a serious Christian, and you want to get the most out of what you read that you can. You love God want to walk strongly with Him and really grow in your relationship with Him. Well this Evangelism Training Program is the PERFECT place to learn to do that! This book teaches you how to relate to Jesus for the answer to your needs, and I know no matter how smart you are we ALL need to learn this or at least get a quick review! This book ALSO teaches you how to be successful in your ministry, by depending fully 100% on who? > JESUS!

I always knew that Jesus knew better then me, but for some reason it never clicked as I was having trouble in my evangelizing, I just didnít feel it, I didnít want to go, I didnít have the motivation. It turned out that the problem wasnít my not wanting to going, it was me not putting God first in other areas of my life. Well, as I was reading through the textbook I ran upon Section 4 where there are a number of Chapters that show you how dependance on Jesus is the key to effective ministry. Chapters 4 and 8 were especially helpful to me. As I read through these Chapters I learned that Jesus operates by faith in His relating to us just as we do in our relating to Him. What do I mean? Jesus gave us a free will. He never violates that. I learned that when I donít spend time with Him each day, He assumes by faith I donít want Him to reign over me. Because He gave me a free will, He backs off and leaves me to myself. When I did this, though, everything went wrong in my life until I went back to starting my day with Him and acknowledging Him in all my ways.

This experience taught me you canít just give Jesus half of your life. That wonít and doesnít work. I have found you canít give him half your life and keep half for yourself. You either give him 100% of your life or 0%. What I learned in these Chapters taught me I had to allow Jesus to be Lord period of all areas of my life or it wouldnít work. As a result I put Jesus in control of my dating life, and other areas, and my evangelism got back on track and became fruitful again.

Next, this Section goes into Jesusí salvation for us, His love and forgiveness, how He is the answer to all our needs and how this is received through full surrender to His Lordship. Next it goes into the true definition of religion and why Christianity is not a religion. The Advanced Textbook helps you find God's will for your life and how to walk in it and succeed in it. I needed to find Godís will for my life, I understand God gave me some talents and all but I didnt know His ministry calling for me, which this book more then helped me to find. Reading Section 2, and Sections 5 and 6, and Chapter 3 of Section 9 really got me going and after a week of praying I finally received Godís calling for my life.

The book teaches you how to have effective ministry outreach through relationship with Jesus, how to apply the ministry works of Jesus, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, and how to lead others into the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Textbook also goes into more detail about the battle of evolution verses creation and proves without a shadow of a doubt the impossibility of evolution. During my summer vacation the Lord wanted me to learn more about creation verses evolution so I could be prepared in my biology class in case I get an evolutionist teacher. As I was reading through Section 10, a Section fully dedicated to showing the scientific evidence for Creation verses evolution, I learned incredible facts and details I will be able to use not only in the classroom, but also on the field in Evangelism. Once school starts I will be prepared and I will always have the textbook here if I ever need a reminder.

You have to understand that anyone no matter how long they have walked with Jesus, wether 50 days or 50 years, can greatly benefit by going through this Evangelism Training Program. Of course one wants to go through the Basic training Program first (See Bogans Basic Evaluation). Nonetheless, this training program is a must for for ANY Christian who is REALLY serious about their walk with Jesus, about successfully evangelizing and bringing others to Jesus and fro clearly coming to know what Godís will is for their lives and succeeding in it. You wonít find a better or more comprehensive program.

This Advanced Evangelism Training Program is HANDS DOWN the best Advanced Evangelism Training Program I could ever hope to find for new and experienced Christians!!! There is nothing redundant about the material. Everything you learn is completely necessary and completely practical in ministering to others on the field. So Kayla when can we get together and start going through this training program together? I look forward to Your positive and quick reply.

Your brother in Christ,

Bogdan Laza

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