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1 Corinthians 9:11
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Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Section 8, Chapter 2

Implementing the Discipleship
In the New Christian

Chapter Illustration

Study Questions:
  1. What five principles of discipleship are of greatest importance to teach the new Christian initially if long range discipleship is not a possibility? Why?
  2. What is the only successful way to disciple a new Christian?
  3. When we try to disciple out of the initiative of the soul rather than the Spirit, what are the end results?
  4. What results in the New Christianís life when we disciple them through the instruction of the Holy Spirit?

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Of first greatest importance in discipleship is stressing to the new believer what Salvation is, the importance of daily time in the Word, weekly time in fellowship with other believers in a Bible believing Church, how to experience Jesus' love and forgiveness in dealing with sin in his life on a moment by moment basis and the importance of sharing the Gospel with others. I talk about this extensively in my Basic Textbook on Evangelism titled, Evangelism: The Time Is Now!34 All of these concepts have been put together in four books on Discipleship which have the following titles:

  1. Understanding Your Salvation In Jesus.37
  2. Jesus Is The Answer To Your Needs.38
  3. Experience Jesusí Forgiveness Daily.39
  4. Evangelism: The Time Is Now!.40

The fourth title is a pamphlet on the importance of Evangelism not to be confused with the Basic Textbook with the same title.

In every discipleship case, your not going to be able to always follow-up a person long enough and consistently enough to be able to teach them all the principles set down in this textbook. but if the four books mentioned above are established in the new believer, even if you cannot follow him up beyond this, the second and third principles mentioned above will assure his eventually learning the rest of the principles outlined in Chapter one of this Section.

Also, if the new believer does not learn how to cope and relate with weakness and sin in his life in his relationship with Jesus on a daily basis, this one problem alone will keep him from being able to go on to anything else because of the unjustified condemnation that Satan will bring into his life because of his ignorance in knowing how to deal with sin in his life on a daily basis.


But the question here is how do we go about properly discipling a new Christian? By following the Principles set down in Section 2 titled, Relationship With Jesus the Key to Effective Ministry. This means seeing every new believer as an individual with individual unique needs. And since only Jesus knows the individual's constitution intimately and His purpose and plan for his life individually, it is important that we do nothing out of our own initiative in discipling the individual except what Jesus tells us to do as a result of seeking Him through worship and praise and in Spirit and truth.

No two Christians grow at the same speed, so trying to force every new believer through the same ten week crash program will not work. We must teach the new believer the principles laid down in this Section only as Jesus leads us to. Jesus said in the Gospel of John, "It is the Spirit who creates-life; the flesh profits nothing. . . ." (John 6:63). Any efforts of discipleship originating out of our souls will not bring about the change intended. This is because the soul cannot create or transfer life to others, only the Holy Spirit has the power to change manís soul. Any discipleship efforts originating from the soul will only lead to religious strife. He will be more knowledgeable but he will not be changed. However, discipleship efforts originating from the Holy Spirit through our spirit will create and transfer life to others and bring about the change in their lives it is intended.

Not only does self effort in discipleship lead to religious self-strife in the new believer, but the Bible tells us that for us to act out of our own initiative in discipleship is sin. Paul states in the book of Romans, ". . and whatever is not from faith is sin." (Rom 14:23).35 We have already well discussed in previous Sections that we are acting out of faith when what we are doing is out of Jesus' initiative first and His initiative only.

If any lasting meaningful change is to come about in the new believers life through discipleship, it must come about as a result of love relationship with Jesus through our spirits, not our souls. Whatever we do in discipleship that is initiated by Jesus first through the ministry of the Holy Spirit will have life changing power in it and will be ministered in love because the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love.

If you proceed in discipleship in this manner, you will be guaranteed 100% success in your follow-up so far as it depends of course on the free will response of the individual you are working with. This also guarantees that you will have fulfilled the part Jesus wants you to play in the individuals life in the best possible way. When you follow Jesus' initiative in discipleship training and His initiative only, the end result will be that Jesus will be completely pleased with your part in it in each individual's life.

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