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Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Section 5, Chapter 5

Case Counseling Examples

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Now I would like to share with you some personal case counseling examples in manifesting the gifts of the Spirit to bring about a healing in all areas of who man is. Though the following case counseling examples are true, in most cases the names are fictionalized to protect their identity.

The first case I would like to talk about concerns my friend Pete. Pete was suffering emotionally as a result of a recent divorce. We can call this an emotional need. This man needed Jesusí healing touch in the area of his emotions.

My friend Frank and I were walking out of Church one night and were talking about the Lord when our friend Pete walked up. He began sharing with us how he wondered if maybe he needed to be delivered demonically because of the emotional problems he was having because of his recent divorce. I shared with my friend that he should not diagnose his problem in that way unless Jesus specifically showed him his problem was centered in that, that he was not qualified to judge himself. I suggested that since Jesus was the only one who did know what the answer to his need was that we should go to Jesus in prayer and ask Him to show us what the solution to his emotional problem was. I then explained to Pete that Jesus promised that if we would approach Him through worship and praise and in Spirit and truth that Jesus would manifest Himself to us and show us what the answer to his need was. The three of us then joined hands and began to look to Jesus through worship and praise for the answer to our friends need.

With that, we began to worship and praise the Lord, getting our eyes on Him, the solution to our brotherís need, so He could minister the answer to our brotherís need. After a few seconds of worship, the Lord spoke to my heart through a word of knowledge and said, "Tell him the answer to his emotional needs is in praising Me and thanking Me for these hurts. As he does this daily and every time a hurting thought of his past comes to his mind, this will release My power to bring about the necessary healing in his life emotionally." I shared this with my friend Pete and my other friend Frank confirmed it.

With that, Pete left praising Jesus for his hurts of the past and continued to do this daily. It was not to long after this that my friend was smiling when we saw him, rejoicing in the joy of the Lord because the Lord had brought about the emotional healing he needed through his obedience to the Lord to praise Him when negative thoughts occurred.

In another case I was attending a prayer group in my home town one night and there was a sister there who had a drinking problem that she could not free herself of in her own strength. We sat Karen in a chair and we all gathered around her and began seeking the Lord through worship and praise and in Spirit and truth as to how to pray or minister to her need. As we began looking to the Lord, the Lord began to show me that the answer to her need centered in her relationship with Him. He showed me to tell her to take time daily to seek him and His strength through worship and praise and through Bible reading.44 As she began to follow this advice in the weeks that followed, she found that she was able to find the strength to stop her drinking and it showed in the glow on her face and in the health of her body each week I went back to the prayer group.

That same night I met a man I had not seen for years. He was a man who had lived in the same neighborhood I grew up in. But that night he shared with the prayer group that he had had Parkinsonís disease for twenty years. In his case it caused his muscles to be rigid and stiff. He asked us if we would pray for him. He sat down in a chair and several of us formed a circle around him and began to look to Jesus, the answer to his need, through worship and praise. As we were worshiping the Lord and praying in our spiritual language, the Lord spoke to me (word of knowledge) and showed me that he was not saved and that He did not want to heal him physically that night, but He did want to heal him spiritually. Then the Lord told me not to say anything yet, but to wait for His leading in it. After a few seconds the Leader of the prayer group, Lenard Lingenfelter, spoke up and said, "The Lord has just shown me that you have a bad heart." The man responded, "No I donít." Lenard said, "Yes you do!" Then the Lord told me to speak what he had shared with me. With that I began sharing with Dan, the man being prayed for, that Jesus wanted to come into personal relationship with him; that if he would invite Jesus Christ into his life, He would heal his spiritual heart and his soul. With that knowledge he bowed and prayed and received Jesus Christ into his life that night and the end result was he received healing in his spirit, soul, and heart; but it was not Jesusí time for his physical healing. We then shared with him Matthew 6:33, "But seek first continually His kingdom, and His righteousness; and all these things will be added to you." We then encouraged him to began reading the book of John and all the rest of the New Testament so that he could grow in his new relationship with the Lord and that as he sought Jesus and grew in his new relationship with him, in Jesusí time He would heal him of his physical infirmities.

Jesus is the answer to our needs, not our own ideas or our own strife. "Through presumption comes nothing but strife, but with those who receive counsel is wisdom." (Prov 13:10).

When I was a student at a Christian University several years ago, there was a student on my wing in the dorm who had destroyed his knees to the point that the doctors told him he would no longer be able to participate in sports. This brother in the Lord loved sports and so asked me if I would pray for his knees. As I began to look to Jesus as to how to pray and began praying in my heavenly language, the Lord brought to my mind (word of knowledge) the Scripture Mark 11:24. It says, "Therefore I say to you, all things for which you pray and ask, believe that you have received them, and they shall be granted you." (Mk 11:24). Jesus was bringing this to my mind through the Holy Spirit which made this passage of Scripture the sword of the Holy Spirit. Because the Holy Spirit was bringing it to my mind that meant it applied to the situation. Then the Lord by the Spirit caused the gift of faith to well up with in me and I knew that if I prayed for his knees to be healed, God would heal them. I proceeded to pray something like this,

"Lord Jesus you said in Mark 11:24, Ď. . .í I ask you now by faith in the name of Jesus for the release of your power through the Holy Spirit upon my friendís knees. Touch them and make them good as new"

After I prayed I sensed my friend was unable to release his own faith for his need in the way Jesus was leading me to pray for his need. As I was discerning this (discerning of spirits), Jesus then instructed me (word of knowledge) to pray and ask Him to grant my friend a physical manifestation of the reality of what I just prayed so his faith would be released. As soon as I prayed this way the swelling in his knees instantly disappeared right before our eyes. What made it even more significant was that he was holding his knee with his hands and felt the swelling instantly disappear. He then looked up and said to me, "Did you see that?" Referring to the swelling instantly disappearing right before our eyes. He and I were on the same wing basketball team that year called "Duffle Spuds." He played basket ball harder than all of us and ran back and forth down the court as if there had never been anything wrong with his knees in the first place.

The discerning of spirits is not always demonically oriented; it can be related to the human spirit as well as discerning something is centered in Jesusí Spirit. I want you to notice the order of all these experiences. We were not screaming and jumping up and down, demanding the personís healing in the name of Jesus. No, instead, through ordered worship and praise in Spirit and truth we were simply looking to Jesus, acknowledging our total dependency on him in the situation. The Apostle Paul said, "Not that we are adequate in ourselves to consider anything as coming from ourselves, but our adequacy is from God." (2 Cor 3:5). In order for a person to be healed, all we have to do is obey Jesusí instructions to us through the Holy Spirit, and we will have what we have asked for because Jesus promises that He will answer any prayer that is according to His will.45

Several years ago an ex-roomate by the name of Peter had developed some nasty hemorrhoids. My friend at the time was having a problem dealing with self-pity. He asked me one night, while not being able to go to sleep because of the pain, if I would pray for him. The Bible says, "Give to everyone who asks of you. . ." (Lk 6:30). So I lifted one hand into the air and laid the other on my friend and asked Jesus to lead me into prayer for his need. As I began to worship the Lord and pray in my spiritual language, Jesus, by the Spirit, told me He did not want to heal him. It was such a strange command I was not sure it was really the Lord, so I kept looking to the Lord for direction. This time it came even stronger, "Do not pray for his healing!" I turned to my friend and said to him what the Lord told me, but that I did not understand why. He then shared with me, "While you were praying in the Spirit the Lord showed me He was allowing these hemorrhoids to deal with my problem of self-pity." Knowing how bad of a problem this brother was having with this I then understood why Jesus did not want to heal him at that point.

Jesus was wanting my friend to come to a place of finding his contentment in Him and Him alone, not in his circumstances whether good or bad. In the midst of his pain he began to learn to worship the Lord and praise him and find his contentment in His presence and in His peace. Once he got over his problem of self-pity, the Lord took the hemorrhoids away and they have not been back since. But then of course, he has not had a problem of self-pity since then either.

Jesus is not just interested in healing us physically, but also spiritually. Therefore, yes, Jesus does some times allow physical affliction to bring about the more important needed spiritual healing needs that we have.46 This is why it is so important that we not just pray immediately for a physical need until we have first sought the counsel of the Lord concerning the need. It is then important that we obey Jesusí specific instructions as to how he wants us to pray for the need so that Jesusí will in the personís life can be fully accomplished in all areas of his life. This is so that he can be truly healed in the way he needs to be healed that will bring about permanent whole-man healing and not just temporary relief alone in an area that may not be the real problem, but only an outward manifested symptom of a deeper problem where the prayer for healing actually needs to be focused, not on the symptom.

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