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Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Section 4, Chapter 10

What Is Required To Know
Godís Plan For Your Life

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Study Question

  1. What four things are required to come to know and be able to carry out Jesus Christís will and plan for your life?

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December 31, 1995

Hi Dave:

Today I felt prompted to seek God about You and his will and plan for Your life, not what that will and plan is, but the attention that you are giving to it. I was observing some things and I brought it to the Lordís attention and asked if my observations were legitimate. The response I got was to share with you the following:

Dave, right now in my life the Lord has me doing some research projects, but when the Lord wants me to seek him about his will in my life or to seek Him, my reading and research projects are all put on a halt and all my free time is spent seeking Him and reading his word.

I know in the past the Lord has had you read some Christian books, but right now He has said to you,

"Dave: I have a plan for your life and now is the time to implement that plan. It cannot be put off any longer. You need to seek Me and keep on seeking Me until you know what that plan is and what steps you need to take to fulfill that plan."

I havenít bothered you about this except, like now, when the Lord is bothering me about it. What I have done is ask you how your night has gone, learn anything. I am not asking you what you learned in the books you are reading right now because God has made plain that this is not His priority right now in your life, I am asking, "Dave, has the Lord shown you what he wants you to do?"

Dave, it is commendable that you have obeyed the Lord by putting your computer games aside, but when I asked you how your night went, You did not tell me,

"Well, Dale, with every free moment I have, I have been seeking the Lord and reading his Word to learn His plan for me and what he wants me to do. I donít know it yet, but I am not going to allow anything to distract me until I find out what it is."

Dave, this is not what you are telling me. You are telling me that you have replaced one distraction for another. The Lord has not asked you right now to read Christian literature, watch monster movies (a replacement for video games) or anything else. He has told you that His will for your life in order to be fulfilled is at a critical juncture, of paramount importance and that you need to put everything else aside and just seek Him until you know what that plan is. Jesus said, "He who saves his soul will lose it." It is work to go against the flesh to know Godís will. Dave, you may not mean to, but you are continuing to allow your flesh to rule over you.

Dave, maybe if I share some examples in my own life in the past when God had prompted me to put everything aside for the moment to just seek Him and His will: The first time was when I was a junior in High school. God called me to the ministry period. I did not know exactly what he was calling me to. Every day after school I stopped off at church and would kneel in the pew and prayed for three hours while reading the Bible. Eventually God made plain to me he wanted me to preach the Gospel. I did not know any Protestants at this time. What I did know is that I was petrified at the idea of talking about God, but this was Godís stated will to me. So I decided I would fast and seek God for boldness until I had the boldness to speak for him. At the end of two weeks I felt demonic forces attacking me, trying to keep a hold on me. Finally it broke. The next day God brought a man to me who had been trained in Evangelism. That was what I needed. I got trained and came back to my High school in my senior year and shared Christ with every student on campus before I graduated.

After I completed my two, two year degrees in electronics and liberal arts that God asked me to do before going on to further studies in theology, the Lord told me to fast for a week and seek his will for me in completing my formal education in theology. I did just that, fasted and prayed. I did this during spring break. The end result was His showing me He wanted me to go to a specific Christian university and what He wanted me to take at the university.

When my education at this Christian University was coming to a completion I went on another week fast, not because God asked me to or even asked me to seek him; He did not need to. I was completing what he previously told me to complete. I needed to know the next step. At the end of that week fast his direction was clear that he wanted me to go to Fresno and start a Church. These answers only came about after spending literally a week on my knees, every free moment, seeking God: "Jesus, what is Your will for me now? What is the next step? What is Your will and plan for my life."

After three years God closed the door to Fresno and brought me back to Tulsa. Dave, the Bible is plain: we will have to give account for our lives, words and use of time on this earth. I dare not waste one minute of my time. You see the problem is that when you put off seeking Godís will for your life, Satan has a plan for Your life and his knowing God has a plan for your life, he proceeds to rush in with whatever distractions and long range entanglements he can so that you are so bound up, even if you by some miracle were able to come to know what Godís will for your life was, you would not be free to fulfill it.

Knowing this, as soon as I got to Tulsa, I committed myself to prayer, reading the Word and seeking God about why he brought me there and what it was he wanted to accomplish through me while I was there. My job is not Godís will for my life. My job is my means of eating and paying the rent, but not Godís will for my life. After three days of intensely seeking God, finally He spoke: "I have brought you back to Tulsa to do the study and research projects I have called you to do and I donít want you using your time for any further spiritual involvements until those projects are completed." My now knowing this controls everything else I do, what jobs I consider and take, how I use my free time. Godís will for me is clear. Now it is up to me as to whether I will exercise the will necessary to do that will.

Dave, the reason why coming to know Godís will requires all Your attention is because whether you are consciously aware of it or not, no matter who it is, Satan has territory and control in our lives that he does not want to give up. Getting to that place of knowing what Godís will is and then being able to do it involves several things: First, as we have already shared, it requires our putting aside all distractions and just giving God our full attention in prayer and the reading of his Word. Second, as we wait upon the Lord, allowing His Holy Spirit to show us those things in our lives which must go that will prevent us from succeeding in that work He has for us to do and then repenting of those things. Unfortunately, computer games require all your free time to learn to get to a point of being able to play them enjoyably and all your money. That is why God is asking you to lay that down. It is not that He is saying, even in His will, that he does not want you to be able to relax one day a week, but that computer games are an occupation that will prevent you from doing His will. That was why I had to give up mountain climbing. Believe me, I know the struggle. It was not easy for me either. He has a plan for your life and He cannot implement that plan unless you lay this and your fantasy novels down. This is not the only area. There are many more areas He needs to deal with you about. This is why You need to crucify the flesh with its passions and desires.

"Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires." (Gal 5:24)

This is why you need to crucify the present desire of your flesh and give God your full attention in fasting, in reading the word and in just waiting before Him. Why? Because unless you do, He wonít be able to apply the scalpel to your flesh to cut out the cancers of sin that will keep you from being able to fulfill the plan and Purpose He has for you once He reveals it to you.

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