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Section 10, Chapter 5

World Wide Evidence
Of The Genesis Flood

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Did the Genesis Flood really occur and did the Ark of Noah really rest on Mt Ararat? Dr. Melville B. Grosvenor, late editor of National Geographic magazine, stated that, "If the Ark of Noah is ever discovered, it would be the greatest archaeological find in human history, the greatest event since the resurrection of Christ and it would alter all the currents of scientific thought."177

There was a time in the recent past when a global flood was recognized as being a reality in geological circles. Benjamin Sillman, head of geology of Yale in the 1800's, wrote,

"Respecting the Deluge there can be but one opinion: geology fully confirms the scriptural history of the event. Whales, sharks, crocodiles, amphibians, mammoths, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, hyenas, tigers, deer, horses, bullpine families are found buried together in deluvian at a greater or lesser depth and in most instances, under circumstances indicating that they were buried by the same catastrophe which destroyed them, namely a sudden and violent deluge."178, 179

Evolutionist Richard Carrington, in The Story of Our Earth, a secular publication, admitted,

"Of the many kinds of animals inhabiting the earth at the time vast numbers were swept completely away. Not only individuals, but whole races were destroyed. Extermination overtook the animals of the land, sea and air with equal indifference. When the holocaust was over the whole aspect of life on earth had changed."180/155

leading scholars such as Dr. James Trefil of George Mason University have admitted that the dinosaurs were struck by catastrophe. He wrote,

"That they present this kind of pattern: suddenly their fossils disappear from the rocks. And when I say ‘suddenly’ I mean a time that could be as long as 100,000 years or as short as a weekend—we can’t tell the difference. At the same time the dinosaurs disappeared, all the other species we talked about, from ocean plankton to some flowering plants, disappeared as well. Paleontologists term this sort of event in which many species disappear at the same time as ‘mass extinction.’"

There have been mass extinctions both in the flood (2252 B.C.) and in the time of Peleg (2151 B.C.).181 This is recognized by leading scholars to one degree or another even though the time frame and the terminology will very.

Dr. John R. Horner in Digging for Dinosaurs stated,

"Judging from the concentration of bones in various pits, there were 30 million fossil fragments in that area. At a conservative estimate, we had discovered the tomb of 10,000 dinosaurs. There was a flood. This was no ordinary spring flood from one of the streams in the area but a catastrophic inundation. . . That’s our best explanation. It seems to make the most sense, and on the basis of it we believe that this was a living, breathing group of dinosaurs destroyed in one catastrophic moment."182/131

Other than the Biblical Record, are there other reportings of the world wide flood? Yes! Dr. Johannes Tiem stated that,

"Among all traditions there is none so general so wide spread on earth of the fact that the deluge is granted because of the basis of all myths in particular in nature myths having a real basis in fact."183

Listed by Dr. Richard Blick an abbreviation of the areas where flood legends have occurred: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, and the Pacific; the Armenians, the Syrians, the Babylonians, the Chaldians, the Hebrews, the Indo Arianes, the Japanese, the Kernels, the Mongols, the Persians, the Phoenicians, the Pythicans, the Tartans, and others who have this basic concept in their literature, there history and their legends.184/103 In Africa the Pergama, Carthagians, Egyptians, Hotontots, Subenys. In Europe the Druids, the Germans, the Greeks, the Gypsies, the Icelanders, the Lapplanders, the Lithuanians, the Nors, the Romans, the Slavs, the Bolgols, and the Welch all talk about a global flood. In North America the Algonquins, the Arapahos, the Aztecs, the Cherokees, the Crees, the Eskimos, the Galacous, the Kaulos, the Miens, the Mohicans, the Papagos, the Piwas, the Saggualives, the Texri, the Tlingits, the Toltecs. In South America the Curas, the Incas, the Miurs, the Tomas. In the Pacific the Batiks, the Fabians, the Hawaiians, the Melanesians, the Macanisians, the Moranisians, the New Hebrides and the South Polynesians Islands all refer to a global flood. The following are tangible, measurable, observable confirmations of a world wide flood:

The Existence of Extremely
Large Numbers of Fossils

Fossilization requires rapid burial. Yet such burial is exceedingly rare today, and fossilization is almost non-existent in modern times. The existence of massive numbers of fossils worldwide is clear evidence of quick, deep, mass burial. A global flood catastrophe would offer conditions most ideal to the location of great numbers of fossils. The fossils give evidence that the animals were killed suddenly.

Hugh Miller wrote decades ago that the entire British Isles are underlaid by billions of fish fossils, not laid down by normal sedimentary deposits, but many of these have arched backs distended gills, open mouths as if trying to get oxygen but caught with silt in their gills instead and destroyed by the billions by a cataclysmic sedimentary context.185/221 This would take a world wide flood.

In an excavation done by Dr. Carl Baugh and associates,63 they came across for the first time in cretaceous layering a Lepidodendron. This is a plant today that grows sixteen to eighteen inches tall, but in the fossil record it grew to up to 120 feet tall. The Lepidodendron Dr. Baugh excavated was 48 inches at the base, compressed and still had the pods unique to that kind of fonda, and a root extension all in the same compressed sedimentary deposit. Eight inches of the lateral root that had been washed in along with the rest of the plant by fluid hydrology extended into the rock layer below. The rest of the plant compressed extended up through the marrow into the next rock layer above. This is called a Polystrate fossil. This is a tender plant extending between two layers of rock. According to evolutionary geology there are 2 million years between these two rock layers, but the visible tangible facts indicate clearly that there where only a few hours between these two rock layers.

How extensive was the flood that washed this plant between these two rock layers? These rocks extent from central Texas near Austin to 1,600 miles all the way to the eastern sea board of the United States.186/1-14 They pick up again at the White Cliffs of Dover. They pick up again in Northern Ethiopia. We are talking about three separate continents involved in the sedimentary deposits that contain that polystrate fossil. There is only one plausible explanation: There was a world wide flood.

Rapid Fossilization as Evidenced by
Preservation of Delicate Parts

Thousands and millions of fish fossils which retain all the body parts indicating very rapid burial. Under normal conditions, fish do not fossilize. Dead fish are torn apart by scavengers and disintegrated by bacteria. There are the existence of fossils with soft tissue like jellyfish and sponges. There are the preservation of animal tracts, fish odors, amino acids, proteins, epidermal bark in plants, cell details, chlorophyll, etc.

Whale Fossils

There are huge ancient whale fossils that can be found completely and quickly buried in sediment.185 Near Lompo, CA there was found in diatomaceous earth an 80 foot Valine Whale upright on its tale. In order to sweep a creature like that up on its tale, in order to sedimentarally incase it would require global catastrophic proportions.

Random order of fossils

The sediments do not exhibit strong evidence of a record of Evolution with simple animals at the bottom, progressing type by type up to more and more complex animals. The order is often random or completely upside down or out of order for Evolution. But this would be expected in a global flood catastrophe.186, 187/67

Massive Sedimentation

There is global existence of massive amounts of sediment. Most of the Earth’s crust is covered with layer upon layer of sediment and evidence of strong sorting action produced by moving. Frequently the sediment bears strong evidence of having been laid under flood conditions.44/231

Dolostone Beds

There is global existence of massive amounts of dolostone. These beds are sometimes thousands of feet thick. Dolostone is not forming today.

Chert Beds

There is global existence of large amounts of chert. These beds are up to 50 feet thick (or more). No chert is forming today. Chert is a compact rock consisting of microcrystalline quartz.92/231


The global existence of massive amounts of conglomerate rock indicating deposition under flood conditions over extremely wide areas with very strong currents. Conglomerate consists of cemented gravel, sand and boulders.

Fluid dynamics carried on by M.E. Clark and H.D. Voss have actually taken various silts of mud, sand: red and white, and other materials, mixed them together in large vats and then let them settle.188 To their amazement they settled down in like products. Their were striation layers of red sand, of white sand, of organic material and other material. Each was attracted to its own.

Massive Volcanism

There is evidence of world wide volcanic activity. There exists thousands of cubic miles of volcanic and granite rock types, as would be expected during a global catastrophic geologic upheaval.

Evidence of Significant Past
Global Changes in Temperature

This would be an expected result of a world-wide catastrophe involving massive volcanic releases into the atmosphere, worldwide flooding and, later, great evaporation from wet continents.

Correlation of Death
Dates by Radiocarbon

When the carbon-14 dating method is "correctly" calibrated, and 25-thousand radiocarbon dates are graphed, the result shows evidence of a great peak of deaths about 4-thousand years ago.

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