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Section 10, Chapter 3

Generation of Life

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Francesco Redi, 17th century, and Louis Pasteur, 19th century, proved experimentally that life does not form from non living matter.332/1-2, 41-3 Evolutionists teach that life came about through spontaneous generation: lightning, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and gases from volcanoes effected the earthís atmosphere and changed them into complicated organic compounds: fatty acids, amino acids, sugars, and nucleotides. They accumulated in the ocean and eventually linked up with each other to form complex molecules: lipids, peptides, carbohydrates, and polynucleotides. Eventually through time they combined to form complex proteins, DNA, and RNA needed for life. Some how miraculously they became encased in a membrane and begin to function as a living cell.332/2, 42-3, 2/96-98; 3/1/326-327

If this scenario were true, we would be able to find evidence of it in the fossil record. What do we find? We find no evidence of massive accumulation of organic compounds.332/50; 4/192-193 J. Brooks and G. Shaw in their work Origin and Development of Living Systems wrote concerning this fact:

"If there ever was a primitive soup, then we would expect to find at least somewhere on this planet either massive sediments containing enormous amounts of the various nitrogenous organic compounds, amino acids, purines, pyrimidines, and the like, or alternatively in much metamorphosed sediments we should find vast amounts of nitrogenous cokes [graphite-like nitrogen-containing materials]. In fact, no such materials have been found anywhere on earth.... There is, in other words, pretty good negative evidence that there never was a primitive organic soup on this planet that could have lasted but for a brief moment."333/336

Millerís Spark Chamber

Spontaneous generation of life in nature, without a Supernatural controlling factor such as a Creator, is a chemical scientific impossibility. In 1953, when Stanley Miller and Harold Urey produced several amino acids by applying electricity and ultraviolet light to a mixture of select gases, not one of the four primary construction materials: proteins, nucleic acids, polysaccharides and lipids, for the simplest life were produced. None of these have ever been produced since then anywhere in the world under any type of controlled environmental conditions.334/104 Neither have scientists been able to produce the 50 or so small organic compounds from which these four primary construction materials are made.332/3, 47 If we cannot produce this with all of our intelligence, technology and with controlled environmental factors, it is deliberate self-imposed ignorance to think any of this could come about by chance. If we could by our intelligence produce any of this, this would support a Creator, not random chance happenings.

Another problem with Millerís experiment was the gases he used. He used methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3). The quantity and potency that he used of these gases could not exist at the beginning of life as evolutionist define it. Why? The ammonia would have been dissolved in the oceans and the methane had it been present would be found today in the sedimentary clays. What we find in the clays is no methane.335/22

What Miller did in his spark chamber was under controlled conditions and with the exclusion of Oxygen. Scientists now know that not only was oxygen present at what they called the beginning of life in the past, but that there was as much as 10% more oxygen present in the atmosphere than there is today. Even 1% of oxygen in the atmosphere would have acted as a poison to prevent these combinations from coming about naturally or otherwise. We also know now that ultraviolet light coming from the sun hitting water vapor automatically creates an oxidized atmosphere and water was always here from the beginning.336/138-139 We also know now that volcanoes spewed out carbon dioxide and nitrogen which is not conducive to the synthesis of amino acids and other building blocks of life.337/121

Another factor that was set up in Millerís spark chamber that does not take place in nature, was the artificial protection of amino acids as soon as they were formed through the application of the spark. How did they accomplish this? By siphoning off the amino acids as soon as they were formed. Why did they do this if it did not take place naturally in nature? Because if they had not, the next spark of electricity applied would have destroyed the amino acids just formed. This siphoning off does not happen in a random chance situation.

A physical chemist, D. E. Hull, has calculated that in this scenario, and only under these controlled conditions, the only likely amino acid to form and survive would be glycine, but then only 0.2 mg. in a swimming pool full of water. Other amino acids and sugars would be far less.338/214-216

Another controlled factor that was used in this laboratory experiment was using only short wavelength ultraviolet light. They purposely left out long wavelength ultraviolet light, which naturally occurs in nature, because they knew it would destroy any amino acids formed.333/1/366

Lets examine the facts. We already know that the presence of oxygen is completely destructive to the possibility of any amino acids or proteins forming or surviving after forming. The highly corrosive oxygen destroys it as soon as it forms. Because of this fact evolutionists by necessity must postulate that there was no oxygen in the atmosphere at the beginning and inception of life.

What is wrong with this scenario? Life as we know it on earth could not exist without the presence of oxygen in the atmosphere. Why? When Molecular oxygen, O2, in our atmosphere is influenced by the radiant energy from the sun, it produces triatomic oxygen, O3, better known as Ozone.339/175-176 Ozone exists about 12-21 miles above the surface of the earth. This Ozone layer filters out deadly ultraviolet light. If it did not, the ultraviolet light would come through and destroy any living organisms from one celled creatures to plants to animals to man. It is for this reason that we use ultraviolet light for sterilization purposes. Ammonia is one of the substances evolutionists say would have had to have been present in the beginning of spontaneous generation of life. However, without the ozone layer being present, ammonia would have been rapidly destroyed by the intense ultraviolet light. This is also why there is so much concern over the ozone layer. Again without it, life as we know it could not exist on earth or anywhere else. For this reason, oxygen had to be present when the first life forms appeared on earth and could not be present if spontaneous generation of life had any possibility of forming. Either way the evolutionist loses. This is why in order for life to have been present on earth and survive in any form that it would have had to be created fully fuctional to start with.

Second, no life forms on earth are able to utilize the light of the Sun directly. The direct energy from the Sun is completely destructive. All things left out in the direct sun light, living or dead, within a short time do not evolve into higher forms but disintegrate completely.


How do living organisms utilize the energy of the Sun? It is done through a process in plants called photosynthesis. The engines in plants called photosynthesis takes the raw destructive energy of the sun and turns it into energy that the plants and our bodies are then able to use.

From a blade of grass to a giant redwood, 90% of it came from thin air thanks to Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis could not happen by chance, it is the result of design by our Creator. In order for a plant to catch light, many pigment molecules are necessary. These molecules are bound to specific proteins that are arranged in well ordered structures. Each contain as many as 600 chlorophyll molecules that act as antenna for light. These antenna touch the proteins that activate the chemical reactions of photosynthesis called photo-systems.

The photo-systems contain a variety of components including specialized chlorophyll termed the reaction center. Light absorbed by pigments of the antenna are transferred extremely rapidly to the reaction center chlorophyll by a process called resonance transfer. Again, these reactions occur very rapidly, as fast as 1 Pico second which is 1 trillionth of a second or 10-12 power. The slowest occurs in micro seconds. 1/1,000,000 of a second is a microsecond.

By this process billions of tons of carbon atoms are taken from CO2 each year and are made into amino acids, sugars and other organic compounds. It is the amino acids, sugars and other organic compounds that we need for DNA and RNA protein replication to build and maintain our physical bodies. Without plant life these buildings blocks would not exist. If this were true, neither would we be able to survive and exist. This is why God on the third day of creation created the plant life first and the light of the sun on the fourth day before He created the ocean life and animal and human life on the fifth and sixth days. Without the plant life and the sun for photosynthesis first, no human or animal life created would have been able to nourish itself to sustain its physical life. All animal life on earth is dependent directly or indirectly on plant life to exist. Animals eat the plants and we eat the animals. This is what I mean by indirectly.

If there had been no oxygen In the beginning of life, the ultraviolet light would have destroyed any possible plant life as well. If all plant life on earth was destroyed, in a very short time all animal life would come to extinction. A former biology teacher and close friend of mine, Elroy Robinson, used to say, "Man has not quite reached deity yet, he is still dependent on the lowly green plant." It is not possible for blind chance to put together this incredible complicated photosynthesis machinery. Evolutionary theory has no means of explaining how this could have possibly come about by chance. Evolutionists are not able to explain how the necessary photosynthesis process came about which was necessary for any kind of life to exist on the earth. Without it, plant life as well as animal life is not able to utilize the energy of the Sun it needs.

The Book of Genesis answers this problem completely. It tells us that after God created the earth and the dry land on the first and second days, that on the third day He created the plant life. He did this even before he created the life in the ocean. Why? Because even ocean life is dependent directly or indirectly on plant life to live and survive. Next God created the animal life in the ocean and the animal life on the earth including man. Then God said,

"Behold, I have given you every herb-vegetable340 yielding seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit in it yielding seed; it shall be food for you; and to every beast of the earth and to every bird of the heavens and to every thing that moves on the earth which has in-it a living soul, I have given every green herb for food; and it was so." (Genesis 1:29-30)

God in the beginning, first, before he created animal life, created plant life with the photosynthesis machinery built in ready and able to take the destructive energy of the sun and turn it into energy our bodies could utilize for our own health and well being. Why then do we now eat meat? Because of the past World wide flood. Before the flood there was a water canopy above the atmosphere of the earth which first filtered out the destructive radiation in space and the ultraviolet light of the Sun. Second, it created an even temperature and green house effect around the earth which made plant life abundant. Under these conditions plant life was profuse enough to feed both man and beast including the dinosaurs. Part of what brought about the flood was the collapse of this water canopy. This means that after the flood, since this water canopy no longer existed, that we are now getting more direct sunlight. Plant life is now not as abundant as it was before the flood. Therefore, in order for manís survival, after the flood God commanded Noah and his descendants:

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