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Section 10, Chapter 1

Absolutely Reliable

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*Evolution Is Not Scientifically Possible

Phycisist Sir Fredrick Hoyle, PHD, and Chandra Wickramasinghe, PHD, wanted to know the answer to the question, "Is it possible for life to have originated some where in the universe or on planet earth through naturalistic means? Taken into consideration were the sciences of cosmology, of gravity, of strong force, of electromagnetic force, and of weak force.42/44 After a decade of research Sir Fredrick Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe came to the conclusion that the possibility of life evolving from inorganic matter has 1 chance in 1040,000.43/105 To show how impossible life evolving by chance is according to these figures, they explained that it would be easier for a whirlwind to pass through a junk yard and assemble a Boeing 747 jet in flight coming out the other end.43/105

How large is 1 in 1040,000? Physicists explain that in the entire universe there are only 1080 electrons. If we filled the entire universe with electrons, meaning all spaces in between, it would come to 10130 electrons.44/269 That means it would be easier for someone to mark a single electron and then blindfold a man and have him wonder throughout the entire universe and by chance pick that one marked electron than it would be for life to have evolved by chance.

*Living Systems

Dr. Robert Gang, with the Smarnof research facility in Princeton, N.J., has taken the literature from microbiology laboratories and has found that Evolution is absolutely impossible. Why? Inside all material is information. For example, even within the Hydrogen Atom is information exchange between the electron and proton. Dr Gang has taken all the possible non-living information in all of the material of the world and has found it to come to 160 Exponential Bits of information.55/162-164 How large is an Exponential Bit? 270 Exponential Bits of information comes to 1080. The entire Solar System including the earth comes to 170 Exponential Bits of information. The entire Universe comes to 235 Exponential Bits of Information.

What about living material? Living material is extremely complicated. First, it is three dimensional. Every single component is interdependent and co-dependent on every other component. The smallest unit of living matter that we know anything about is a Protein Molecule. How complicated is one protein molecule? One protein molecule contains 1,500 Exponential Bits of Information.

An example of a simple cell bacteria is the E. Coll Bacterium which is in the intestinal tract of all human beings. It contains 7 million Exponential Bits of Information. A Human Cell contains 20 Billion Exponential Bits of Information. Given an eternity of time, it is impossible for the universe, with its 235 Exponential Bits of information to produce the simplest protein let alone the simplest bacteria let alone a human cell.

In 1981 a scholar by the name of Dr. Michael Denton wrote a book titled, Evolution, A Theory in Crisis.56 Dr. Denton admitted that evolution just won't work. He used for example the cell process. He explained that the DNA provides the information for the protein synthesis apparatus (see cell diagram). Yet, it is the protein synthesis apparatus that provides the very proteins that are required for the DNA to exist. The protein synthesis apparatus also provides the protein phosphate compounds for the energy system. Yet, the energy system, mitochondria etc, provides the actual energy for the protein synthesis to function. The protein synthesis provides the proteins for the cell membrane. Yet, the cell membrane hold this entire protein synthesis apparatus in tact. In other words: everything is interdependent and co-dependent on everything else.56/270 There is no scientific possibility that the human cell could have evolved. Evolution is not the answer as to how we all got here. Everything points to outside created design.

*No Clear Progress In The Fossil Record

Stephen J. Gould of Harvard is the most influential current evolutionist. He wrote recently in Natural History, "I regard the failure to find a clear vector of progress in lifeís history as the most puzzling fact of the fossil record."46/22-23

Another scholar by the name of Professor L. B. Holsted, an atheist, wrote in Nature, "There are no fossils directly antecedent to man;" that is, directly linking us to the rest of the world.47/208

Science teaches us that through mutations life evolved until we became man, but Stephen Gould said this is not possible. He said, "A mutation doesnít produce major new raw material. It doesnít produce a new species by mutating that species. That is a common idea that people have that evolution is due to random mutation. A mutation is not the cause of evolutionary change."48 You can see from his statement that he is not denying evolution. He is denying what is taught in our universities and schools today is the vehicle of evolution, namely mutations through time.

*Will Evolution Work?

Will Evolution work? What do the evolutionist teach? They teach that:

  1. 3.5 billion years ago early bacteria evolved.

  2. 550 million years ago Calamine Trilobites evolved.

  3. 250 million years ago the plant Lapidadendrin evolved. This is a club moss which today reaches no more than 18 inches in stature. In the fossil record it reached 120 feet in stature.

  4. 228 million years ago the dinosaurs arrived.

  5. 100 million years ago the dinosaurs at Glen Rose TX roamed.

  6. 6 million years ago the great cats arrived.

  7. 3.5 million years ago man arrived.41/18

What has study of the fossil records revealed about this postulation of evolution? That everyone of these supposed evolutions of living matter are found together in the same layers including more than 57 human footprints.49 How important is this? Evolutionary scholars Drs D.H. Milne and S. Schafersman admitted in the Journal of Geological Education, 1983, that if we could prove just that man and dinosaurs lived at the same time that it would completely destroy the entire concept of evolution.51/111

Human foot prints have been found up to 14" long lying right along side dinosaur fossils. The Guinness Book of Records records that Robert Watlow of Alton, IL stood 8'1" tall and his foot was 18Ĺ" long.52/7 Man and dinosaurs lived together with no gradual leading up to. They lived together at the same time. This is evolutionists own stated evidence that the theory of evolution has been proved false and destroyed as a theory.

In fossil layers have been found human fingers completely fossilized. A hammer, demonstrating intelligent life, has been found composed of 96.6% iron, 0.74% sulfur and 2.6 % chlorine. In our finest labs today we cannot combine iron with chlorine. Whoever made this hammer was a master artisan. It is not known if this hammer was deposited in the flood or in the Peleg experience that happened one-hundred years after the flood (See Genealogy of Chapter 6).53 It was found together with dinosaurs and human foot prints. According to the genealogy of Genesis, the flood took place 1,752 (2294 B.C.) years after Adamís creation. The breaking up of the continents took place 1,853 (2194 B.C.) years after Adamís creation in the year that Peleg was born. Pelegís name means to divide.2/625, 181/-


Who is the designer of the Universe? What is He like? In the universe we have Limitless space, Unending time, Perpetual Motion, Unbounded Variety, Infinite Complexity. Dr. Henry Morris pointed out that the first cause of limitless space has to be infinite in extent, the first cause of unending time must be eternal in duration, the first cause of perpetual motion must be omnipotent in power, the first cause of unbounded variety must be omnipresent in phenomena, the first cause of infinite complexity must be omniscient in intelligence, the first cause of consciousness must be personal, the first cause of feeling must be emotional, the first cause of will must be volitional, the first cause of ethical values must be moral, the first cause of religious values must be spiritual, the first cause of beauty must be esthetic, the first cause of justice must be just, the first cause of love must be loving and the first cause of life must be living.60/103

The God of the Bible is consistent with the Universe that exists. The Bible teaches that God is one manifested in three self-aware persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Triplets in the Universe are observed. For instance: you will find energy, motion and phenomena. You will find that time is past, present and future. You will find that the Biblical and logical concept of God is not one + one + one, but that it is three in one: 1 x 1 x 1.61 God the Father is the expression that lives eternally. God the Son is the eternal expression who had no beginning who will have no ending, but had a temporal expression in time. God the Holy Spirit is the expression of God in tangible explicit form evidenced in creation. The Biblical record states that all things that exist were created by and through Jesus Christ.45/7 Therefore we have the likeness of Jesus expressed in the creation event which is logical and consistent.

Chapter 1 Pages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
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