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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"









Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Section 1, Chapter 4

Necessary Ingredients of an
Evangelism Training Program

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*The sample of the survey on this page titled Community Religious Survey was developed to aid you in doing door to door Evangelism. It is not just a survey for the sake of a survey. The first four questions are designed to find out the spiritual needs of people and why they may be negative to Christianity. This will help your Church understand what the spiritual needs of your local community are and how you can better serve the needs of your community and congregation spiritually. The rest of the questions are designed to find out what they believe about the Gospel and what is keeping them from receiving the Gospel. The value of the answer to these questions are that they will tell you how you need to personalize your presentation of the Gospel to them so they will believe and be saved. Believe me, I can tell you from personal experience that it works very well. The Section in this Basic Textbook titled: Testimonies of Evangelism On the Field give fifteen examples of how this survey helped in presenting the Gospel successfully under several different circumstances and arguments against the Gospel. I give their answers to the survey at the beginning of each of the Testimonies and then go on to share how I was able to use this information to successfully lead them to Christ. I strongly encourage you to use this survey in your door to door Evangelism outreach and in your college Evangelism outreach.


It is clear from the passages that we have studied in this book that Jesus wants you as a Layman to be involved in aggressive one on one Evangelism. In fact, one of the major keys to understanding and the interpretation of Scripture is the importance of spending time in our weeks in aggressive Evangelism. This is because the Bible was written by Evangelists and prophets who wrote what they wrote out of a motivation of Evangelism to bring men to repentance and back into right relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You will never understand the message of Scripture fully if You are not regularly involved in an aggressive program of Evangelism.

Also if we are to win the lost and America for Christ, we must return to the example of the cross. How much was Jesus willing to sacrifice to bring us back to Himself and to salvation? He was willing to give and sacrifice all that He had: His very life on earth, and He did. We will not win the lost and America for Christ until America sees that we as the Church and as individual Christians so believe in the reality of heaven and its supreme value in comparison of what this life has to offer, that in order to convince them of that belief that we are willing to loose anything this life has to offer to bring them the message of Jesusí love and forgiveness, even to the extent of our very lives. Until America sees that, America will not turn to Christ.

The key to reaching the world for Jesus Christ does not lie in pulpit activity or in crusades; it lies primarily in the Laymen of the Church themselves reaching out aggressively one on one. Charles Goodell quoted Dean Hodges as giving the following information about the effectiveness of Laymen leadership throughout the history of the Church,

"There have been three notable periods in the history of the extension of the Christian religionóthe time of the martyrs, the time of the monks and the time of the Methodists. In each of these periods, religion spread phenomenally. The significance of each of these for our present purpose is that each of them was an era of Lay activity. The Christian Church was begun by Laymen; the apostles were all Laymen. It has ever since owed its best growth to the cooperation of Laymen. The monks were Lay orders. The Methodists won their great victories by Lay preaching. Not only that, but these Laymen in every one of these three periods did their work in spite of the clergy, discouraged by the clergy, detested by the clergy."36/72-73

The key to reaching our society and America with the Gospel is you! That is Why All Christians Need Training in Evangelism.

What Do You Need to Do?

Now that you have finished reading this chapter, you now need to pray and ask Jesus if it is His will that you go through this Evangelism Training Program. If you come to the conviction that Yes! He does, in order to succeed in seeing this training program through, you will need to pray the prayer of commitment at the end of this chapter. Why? If Jesus wants you to do this training program, Satan does not. Evangelism is bringing people into saving faith in Jesus and transferring them from Satanís kingdom to Jesusí Kingdom. Satan doesnít take that lightly. Because he does not, he will fight you and will do all he can to distract and keep you from doing and successfully completing this training program (2 Tim 3:12). He will use your friends, boy friend or girl friend, well meaning Christians, your family, whatever he finds useful and cooperative. In light of this, how then does one overcome Satanís attempted distractions and successfully complete this training program? By praying a prayer of commitment to complete the training program and fight off any attempted distractions of the enemy to do otherwise. Pray this way:

Jesus, I believe you called me to do this training program. Therefore, by faith I commitment myself to go through this training program from start to finish and to exercise whatever discipline and self-control is necessary to see it through to completion. I also will to fight off anything, anyone and any attempts of Satan to cause me to do otherwise. Jesus, I acknowledge You in this commitment and also my total 100% need of your grace, strength and power to see this commitment through and ask for Your grace, strength and power and Holy Spirit power to see this Evangelism Training Program through to completion. By faith I believe you for the answer to these prayers, in your name Jesus, amen.

If you just prayed this prayer of commitment, Jesus promises in His Word to help you see this commitment through. He says in Proverbs 3:6 "In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight." He also says in 2 Thessalonians 3:3 "But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one." Now you need to read Chapter 5 titled Time Management Through Relationship With Jesus which explains how to plan your time during the week so you can successfully complete this training program.

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