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1 Corinthians 9:11
"If we sowed spiritual things in you, is it too much if we should reap material things from you?"









Relationship With Jesus
The Key To Effective Ministry

Textbook Illustrations

bulletThree Ingredients of Christian Conversion
bulletApplying Ministry work of Jesus
bullet Book: What It Will Take to Bring America Back to God
bulletThe Baptism of the Holy Spirit
bullet Textbook: Evangelism:  The Time Is Now! Teaching Manual
bullet Textbook: Evangelism:  The Time Is Now!
bulletBook:  The Bible:  God's Word Absolutely
bulletBooks:  Discipleship Series
bullet Conditions for Knowledge of the Truth
bulletDNA & Bases
bulletDNA Bases
bulletDNA Base Families
bulletDNA ORF, Gene
bulletDNA Double Helix
bulletDNA & RNA Sugars
bulletAmino Acids
bulletFaith Alone Illustration
bullet Fleshly Man
bulletFire of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit
bulletBook:  Experiencing Jesus' Forgiveness Daily
bulletEbla, Map of
bulletGod's Word Understood
bullet Genealogy of Genesis 1
bullet Genealogy of Genesis 2
bullet Genealogy of Genesis 3
bullet Genealogy of Genesis 4
bulletHeaven Is More Real than Earth
bulletBook:  How to Share Tract:  "Jesus Is The Answer to Your Needs"
bullet Discernment
bullet Discipleship is 1
bullet Discipleship is 2
bullet Discipleship is 3
bullet Discipleship is 4
bullet Discipleship is 5
bullet Discipleship is 6
bulletFruit or No Fruit
bulletBook:  The Literal Historical Reliability of Genesis
bulletHuman Cell
bulletJesus is Fully God & Man
bulletBook:  Heaven & Hell An Absolute Reality
bulletHoly Bible
bulletBook:  Jesus Is The Answer to Your Needs
bulletJames 3:15
bullet John 5:46-47
bulletMeaning of the Cross
bulletMiller & Urey
bulletNo Life in the Soul
bullet How to Order Books
bulletBook:  Pro-Life:  Why We Are Involved 
bullet Rationality
bulletSalvation Work of Jesus
bulletPassive Evangelism
bulletRight Relationship with One's Spirit
bullet Sanctification of the Holy Spirit
bullet Book:  The Bible:  Absolutely Reliable Scientifically
bullet Soulish Man
bullet Spirit Filled & Holy Spirit Baptized
bullet Spiritual Man
bullet Spirit, Soul, & Body
bulletBook:  Spontaneous Generation of Life
bullet Subconscious Part of Man
bulletTime Management Activities
bulletTime Management Sheet 1
bulletTime Management Sheet 2
bulletTime Management Sheet 3
bulletBook:  Why All Christians Need Training In Evangelism
bulletBook:  What Is Truth?
bulletBook:  What the Bible Teaches About God, the Universe & man
bulletWrong Relationship With One's Spirit
bulletWhy the Church Is Failing

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